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  1. USMS Planning Committee wants your help.
  2. Tracking Publicity?
  3. Do we need a Zone Committee?
  4. online registrations
  5. 800 free relay at nationals
  6. Do we need the variable portion of the USMS registration number?
  7. Id #
  8. "I like simpler the better"
  9. variable portion of ID number
  10. Season planning?
  11. USMS Governance Task Force
  12. Betsy's request re ideas for USMS future:
  13. VP's responsibilities
  14. Governance - June report
  15. Press Releases to Local Press, TV and Radio
  16. Should USMS own a pool?
  17. USMS Marketing
  18. The Executive Director
  19. What should the role of the LMSC be with the new governance structure?
  20. Fee for All-American certificate and patch
  21. USMS Code of conduct VS. USMS Free For All Forum
  22. What Does USMS Need to do to grow to 100,000+ Members?