View Full Version : New Competition Focused Swim Club in Sudbury

April 4th, 2008, 01:47 PM
There is a new club in Sudbury, Mass at the Atkinson pool which starts up on 5/6 (after we get back from Nats). Workouts will be every day from 5:30 to 7am. The focus is on the swimmer who wants to excel at swimming and is unable to do so in her/his current club because of crowding, schedules, poor coaching, etc. This will be a small focused group of swimmers who are matched appropriately in their lanes. For interested swimmers, talent level does not need to be elite but work ethic does. Swimmers will be able to still compete for their current clubs (assuming their coach will let them do that).

For more information go to www.swimwestside.com (http://www.swimwestside.com). We have 9 folks signed up so far and will be closing the team at 16 people. We will have our own VASA trainers, weights, dryland equipment and private video equipment which we will be using every other Friday for video analysis.

May 3rd, 2008, 12:08 AM
I like the dedication and enthusiasm captured by this post. Best of luck.