View Full Version : Masters Coaches: Moab needs you!

Sue in Moab
April 18th, 2008, 10:09 AM
Hi coaches,
The lap swimming community in Moab has been steadily growing. If all goes as planned, we'll soon be building a new aquatic fitness center, and the news around this has gotten a lot of folks interested in fitness swimming. The pool management and the better swimmers get tons of requests from people to help them with strokes, and for technique tips. We think that it would be tremendously beneficial to many budding swimmers if we could get some REAL masters coaches down here, maybe for a couple of sessions over a weekend (Friday evening and Sat. morning and noon, for instance) of adult swim clinics. The city has some funding for this sort of thing, and we could charge a small fee to help compensate you.

Moab is BEAUTIFUL in the spring, and only 4 hour drive away. Bring your bike and hiking shoes, and have a great visit. And start to make contact with what we hope will be, in a couple years, the home of a new Utah Masters team. Please, if you're interested, email me directly at suphillips@gmail.com, and we can talk logistics.