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February 26th, 2002, 08:15 AM
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What is in this update:

1) Upcoming meet sheet for Binghamton
2) Results from this Short Course Season
3) New features on the web.


1) Those BUMS in Binghamton are hosting a masters meet March 16th. The meet sheet can be downloaded the web at: http://www.niagaramasters.org/pdf/020316_Bing.pdf. There is also a link on the niagaramasters.org home page if you are like me and lose e-mails like pairs of goggles We look forward to many people attending since this will be the last local meet of the Short Course Season. The submission deadline for the meet is in 2 weeks.

2) Maybe it is the warm temperatures, maybe because people are realizing meets are so much fun, but the two meets of 2002, Syracuse and Canandaigua, were well attended. It is always good to see old friends for an afternoon of healthy fun, and it is good to see many people steadily improving their techniques and personal records (PRs).
Results from both of these meets are available on-line at http://www.niagaramasters.org/results.php. The result format makes it a little tough to find your results, but that will be covered in section 3.


3) There are two cool new features on the web site, a database of past local meets, and our very own Niagara Masters discussion group.

Database of Results ~http://www.niagaramasters.org/individual.php
This National database provided by our meet manager software, Hytek, contains most of our local meets. I recommend doing a search by your last name. For the technically inclined, you can also download your splits into a csv file for later perusal or comparison or whatever other tool tickles your analytical fancy. (please note the Canadaguia results will not post for about another week).

Discussion forum ~
The discussion forum is part of the new USMS Discussion group. Niagara Masters is lucky enough to have our own section just for our local meanderings. I will post updates to the forum occasionally and post the occasional survey for people to participate in. Unfortunately, you will have to sign-up. But this is only to prevent malicious and unsolicited usage of the discussion group. You know, try to keep the crazies out ~ or is that in? Chlorine on the Brain can do amazing things...

Yours in perpetual Drills ~

Niagara Masters Swimming