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July 15th, 2008, 11:33 PM
The third annual Settlers Cove Splash and Dash was held Saturday July 12. We had 18 participants in the event featuring a 1K swim followed by a 10K road and trail run. Everyone seemed to have a good time and the weather cooperated with us during the event. The results are below

Participant Category Time Swim/Run Total time From

Todd Reach Swim only 0:15:06 0:15:06 San Diego CA

Kate Gallaway RelaySwim 0:19:48 1:07:32 Ketchikan
Patricia Relay run 0:47:44 Ketchikan

Debbie Spence Solo 0:17:07/0:44.40 1:01:47 Ketchikan

Micheal Spence Solo 0:19.27/0:45:21 1:04:48 Ketchikan

Elizabeth Einset Relayswi 0:18:18 1:08:40 Ketchikan
Kelly Chick Relay run 0:50:32 Ketchikan

Krissy Gallaway Relayswim 0:17:18 1:29:03 Ketchikan
Tina Gallaway Relayrun 1:11:45 Ketchikan

Kelly Piazza Solo 0:20:25/0:46:33 1:06:58 Ketchikan

Bob Bloom Relayswim 0:25:40 1:01:48 Ketchikan
Bill Elberson Relayrun 0:36:38 Ketchikan

Nell Klein Relayswim 0:20:50 0:57:18 Ketchikan
Brandon Gilbait Relayrun 0:36:28 Ketchikan

Britta Christenson Solo 0:16:51/0:54:56 1:11:47 Ketchikan

Natalie Pfeifer Solo 0:20:40/0:43:41 1:04:21 Ketchikan

Rob Borden Run Only 0:42:11 0:42:11 Federal Way WA