View Full Version : New Utah Master Board and design of board

Dennis Tesch
October 2nd, 2008, 03:45 PM
Utah Masters swimming needs to get more new blood involved with the board. We have several new teams (workout groups) in the state and we need good representation. These are the current board positions and who still sits in any of the positions....

Vice Chairman
Registar Cathy Philpot
Coaches Rep. Matt Hayes
Officials Randy Philpot
Fitness Chris Wood
Top Ten/Records Dennis Tesch
Treasurer Mori Paulsen
Webmaster Tony Nissen
Open Water Suzanne Topp
Social Committee Jeanne Hayes
Social Committee Allison Shayne

First I think we need to find out who wants to stay on the board and if all of these positions are necessary. Maybe we can reduce this number of committee positions down to 5 or 6 and then allow each team to send a coach or representative to the meetings. I personally don't think we need a coaches rep, officials chair, fitness, or two social committee chairs. I'm not even sure we need a vice chair. I would suggest we make each chair a four year term with half of the terms renewing every two years. The current people would stay on the board for two years and the new positions would go until 2012. Here are the positions I think we should keep:

Chairman 2012
Register Cathy Philpot 2010
Sanctions 2012
Top Ten/Records Dennis Tesch 2010
Treasurer Mori Paulsen 2010
Webmasters Tony Nissen 2012
Open Water Suzanne Topp 2010
Social Chair Jeanne Hayes or Allison Shayne 2012

Then each team could send a representative to vote along with the board. Any other ideas out there....