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March 2nd, 2002, 11:44 PM
As SPMA Chairman, and a coach, I realize the future of USMS is with more and better coaches. I am a member of ASCA, Level 4 Masters, and a member of MACA. Our USMS Coaches Committee is doing a great job. As Webmaster for http://www.spma.net/
I have started a web page http://www.spma.net/coachresources.htm Coaching Resources. I believe the more information I can gather there the easier and more resources a new coach will have. Not everyone has the background of a Clay Evans or Michael Collins, both USMS Coaches of the year. But among the over 1000 coaches in USMS there must be many with articles that we can all use to help the new coaches out, or help the other coaches get better.

So this is a call for articles that will benefit all LMSCs. Please email anything you have that relates to coaching, growing a swim team, getting more money for the coach or team, anything that would fit under Coaching Resources. Please email to Wayne McCauley at
brasse@inreach.com. Thank you.