View Full Version : Solana Beach Swim Masters SC Meet - March 29th

Ahelee Sue Osborn
March 27th, 2009, 04:19 PM
This Sunday, the Solana Beach Masters will host their first masters meet in their newish pool!
This is my former hometown, so I am headed down to San Diego to swim, see old friends, and try out the new pool!

Fortunately or not, this meet does not allow deck entries. I hope by next year, they will open it up like the YMCA Pancake Pentathlon did as they returned to swim meet action.

Looks like a gorgeous "Santa Ana" warm weather weekend, which can't be beat for a Spring swim meet!

Meet info is here:


California is working hard to slowly but surely get meet directors to offer online registration.
The bugs are still being worked out of the process, but if we are all patient, its' a good thing and will help streamline all the pieces.

Who doesn't look forward to a day in North County San Diego?
See you there!