View Full Version : Another newbie saying Hi

May 2nd, 2009, 11:30 PM
Greetings from Des Moines. I recently got back into the pool after a 25+ year hiatus. Not doing too bad if I say so myself.

Just been lurking here the last few weeks, but figured it was time to at least say Hi. So - Hi.:wave:

Thinking about entering the Iowa Games this summer, but we'll see how my workouts go first.

Also, and this is a little off the wall, but I was born in Spirit Lake. Have any of you folks ever swam across Big Spirit Lake? When I was a pup I thought it would be such a cool thing to do. And now that I am much older and wiser, it still sounds like a cool thing to do. :D:banana: Wonder if the University of Okoboji has any type of group swims? Hmmm...,

Anyway, we're all in this together. And remember to keep your stick on the ice. Or something like that.