View Full Version : Olympic Pools In South/North Carolina?

July 7th, 2009, 06:20 PM
hello, first time posting here. But this is a lot like skaterscafe, so i know what to do,

uhm yeah anyways, im 16 and i live in south carolina. as you can tell, i am a skateboarder, and some local skaters around here seemed to have found an abandoned olympic sized swimming pool, but wont tell anyone where it is.

I really want to know where to find it, but i cant find anything on the internet so i thought i would ask around here.

if anyone knows where an old, abandoned olympic sized swimming pool is, or any ideas of where to find one, PLEASE email me at volcom_ska.boss@yahoo.com

or message me on here. i will be checking this thread quite often hoping for a reply

have a great day.