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July 17th, 2009, 08:33 AM
Cut and paste from the North Texas LMSC Website:

Special Announcement

Ladies and Gentlemen,
The Annual Meeting of the North Texas Local Masters Swim Committee will be held on Saturday, July 18, 2009 after the swimming events conclude at the South Central Zone Championships in The Woodlands, Texas.

The purpose of the meeting is to conduct the business of the LMSC. The most important item on the agenda will be to elect the officers of the LMSC. The elected positions are Chairman, Registrar, and Secretary/Treasurer. Our former chair, Katie McClelland, served with distinction for the last two years, but she has moved and can no longer maintain the position. Dave Young is currently the Registrar and Kim Shaw is the Secretary/Treasurer. Dave and Kim are willing to continue serving in those roles, but the LMSC is always looking for new people. There are several appointed positions available as well. Other topics to be discussed at the meeting are the upcoming USMS convention and the financial status of the LMSC.

Please contact Kim Shaw if you think you will be able to attend the meeting or if you have any topics you would like to have discussed. She will get back to you with more precise details, such as the time and place. Since the primary reason for being in The Woodlands is the swim meet, the meeting will be as brief as possible. The LMSC will pay for the refreshments.

Kim Shaw can be reached by email at swimminkim@gmail.com (swimminkim@gmail.com) or by phone at 972-385-9745 (home - evenings), 214-859-1541 (work - daytime), or 972-841-4905 (cell - not always turned on.) Please let her know how to reach you if you think you will attend the meeting so that we can be sure to keep you informed as to the exact time and place. Thanks.