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July 4th, 2003, 04:01 PM
I am very happy we are having this discussion. As a coach I enter all meets using Hy Tek Team Manager. We entered 79 swimmers, 350+ splashes, and 79 relays with one key stroke to the USMS SC Championships in Tempe. The entry was submitted by e-mail with the hard copy to follow in a timely fashion with the correct entry fees. At the end of the meet I was able to download my entire teams results and splits and provide an "improvement record" for each swimmer with one key stroke. The reason I bring this up, each year with 350+ swimmers I have had to enter 3000+ key strokes entering their current registration #. I applaud the committee for cutting my data entry process by 2/3 by making a portion of the number permanent. However, I still have 1000+ key strokes with the LMSC #and year which I would like to see dropped. The process of re entering registration #'s every year is time consuming job. Technology is supposed to make things simple. As more coaches keep track of their swimmers with programs like Team Manager, more and more will complain at this time consuming process. As host for the 2004 SC Championships we are proposing to the USMS Championship Committee a discount for teams who send in their entries through Hy- Tek Team Mangager. Why make things difficult for the majority, with a little effort the information needed for meets, and etc. can be downloaded from our National Office. As Eric said, " the simpler the easier". I vote to drop the LMSC# and year.


October 23rd, 2004, 03:28 AM
This has nothing to do with your post, sorry. Nadine Day(?) told me that you are the chair for the memberhsip committee. I would like to get involved with the committee. I've had a lot of experience with memberhip organizations, form the Smithsonian, international fraternal organizaitons to small children's museums. I think right now, membership is probably one of the most important big issues hitting USMS. It is truly effecting so many other areas. Its importance is especially clear with the beginning of the new magazine.

I would greatly appreicate an e-mail telling me about the committee& how it works.

Craig Johnson