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December 25th, 2009, 07:12 AM
I'm living in the UK and currently looking for a head coach position at an established and ambitious masters club - preferably in Colorado.

As an age group swimmer I had two great coaches, and Ive learnt a lot from them. One represented Great Britain at the Olympic Games and the other left the UK in later years to become head coach at the successful St Pete's Masters club, Florida.

I have worked as head coach at four age group clubs over the years, producing numerous national and district champions.

During the four years between the Seoul and Los Angeles Olympics I coached at the UKs top club, preparing the intermediate group for advancement to the National squad. I worked with 6 Olympians, 21 National champions and 16 International swimmers, several of whom competed at the highest level (winning medals at the European and World Championships, and at two Olympics). I have also worked with four swimmers who have competed at the Paralympics, winning 9 gold medals between them.

My experience in masters swimming is considerable. As head coach I developed my first masters club, in just three years, into becoming Britains number one club. There were four masters world champions and eight European masters champions in the same team. There were also twenty-four National champions in the pool training together - Twelve of these swimmers held many British, European and World records. We were recognised as the UK's top masters club, regularly winning more gold medals at the National Championships than any other club.

As a masters swimmer I have won over 60 national titles and broken 5 European and 7 British records. I've won national titles in Ireland, Italy, Wales and Britain. My best achievement came in winning gold at the European Masters Championships. I have also been ranked number two in the world on two separate strokes. As a swimmer and coach Ive attended many major masters events; National, European and World Championships.

I have worked as head coach for the last four years at Europes premier masters annual outdoor training camp in Spain. This is regularly attended by 80-90 swimmers, made up of Europes top masters swimmers. The squad contains several former Olympians, many masters World and European champions, and medallists at major meets around the world. The 2007 camp was attended for the first time by Britains Jane Asher, the worlds number one masters swimmer.

I have also worked (by invitation) as director of coaching at masters training camps/swim clinics, held in Ekaterinburg and Perm City, Russia. These seminars covered motor imagery training (mental rehearsal techniques) and how to develop mental toughness for competition.

What I could offer (and expect) as Head Coach:

As head coach I would expect to be answerable to the committee - and to have full control while on deck at swim team practices. The head coach would be solely responsible for setting up the annual training program. I would maintain a 100 per cent attendance record at both training sessions and competitions. I would provide on-deck instruction, individually and as a group, and run through the flexibility program prior to every swim session.

I would also expect the facility to be made available where we could hold regular motivational team talks. Im used to having the use of a lecture room and a gym, and if there is the chance of putting a dry-land program in place at the club also, this would be great.

I would consider it paramount that the head coach encourages team participation, and also liaises with the local press and media in order to promote the club favourably within the local community. As head coach I would be keen to develop (with the help of an enthusiastic committee) a good club social activity program. This is vital in developing and building team morale.

I believe the head coachs job is to encourage, inform, teach, correct, supervise, be patient, and display a sense of humour. At my training sessions all of these attributes would be in evidence, together with the ability to entertain!

Masters swimming clubs around the world are swiftly heading towards the diversity of membership role. Elite masters, lap swimmers, novices, triathletes, social swimmers etc., all come together to construct the picture of the average masters club. The head coach should see this as an asset to be built upon and I would attempt to encourage all swimmers to take part in masters competitions. Like most masters clubs, there is always room for improvement in terms of greater numbers stepping up to the next level.

All swimmers, no matter at what level, can benefit from participating in a planned training cycle program which identifies the main competitions for the year and includes macrocycles with built-in adaptation periods. I would plan the annual training program so that it was devoted to distinct phases of preparation, and specific to competitive events which would be targeted during the year.

Regarding triathletes - (some say the scourge of masters clubs?). I would encourage these swimmers to also take part in mainstream masters competitions. Ive coached at clubs which have a great proportion of triathletes. Not all want to take part in masters events, but with a little gentle persuasion they usually come around. Anyway, again, its important for developing a good club spirit if everyone contributes equally.

This is an outline of my swim/coaching career. I understand masters swimmers and their needs, and I have the ability to make the sessions enjoyable. I am well aware that the swimmer does not have to attend training - that he/she has a choice.

I am passionate about masters swimming and believe that I can offer swimmers the opportunity to become better than they have ever dreamed possible!

If you are looking for a masters coach could you PM me please? Thanks.

I am registered with the Criminal Records Bureau in the UK as suitable to be working with children and/or vulnerable adults. (Im certain that most masters swimmers fall into one, or even both of these categories!)