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January 2nd, 2010, 09:06 PM
Check back daily for the meet information!! Be the first to see it and enter!

www.damswim.com (http://www.damswim.com)

Competition Name: Republic of Texas World SCY Championships featuring the BlueSeventy Texas Shoot Out
Meet Dates: Fri, 2/26/2010 - Sun, 2/28/2010 Calendar (https://www.clubassistant.com/club/calendar_monthly.cfm?c=28)
Description: A weekend swim event sponsored by DAM and North Texas LMSC. Clinic, meet information and the online entry form will be posted the first week of January 2010.
Location: Southern Methodist UniversityPool/SMU Perkins Natatorium
Course Description: 25 Yards / Indoor
Deck Entries: Ye haw! (Yes)

January 4th, 2010, 04:57 PM
The meet information is now out! As in, get ready for the Shoot Out!!!

It's a 6 page info packet chocked full of information, so here are a few pointers:

1. Friday is the swim clinic. What a lineup - we all know who they are, but short bios are listed on pages 5 and 6!
2. Saturday is the "traditional" USMS meet. Current USMS rules apply (meaning whatever suits are legal). Yours truly will report times to top ten (if I am still the top ten recorder for NT at the end of SCY season).
3. For Sunday, the Shoot out events, you can wear ANY suit. And by suits (plural), you can wear any and as many as you want!!! (No, they won't count as USMS top ten, but they WILL for the Republic of Texas!) heh heh.

This is the greatest value on the planet - a terrific line up of masters swimmers all willing to give you their undivided attention and swimming tips; then a lecture by Gary Hall Sr, and wow - you can swim a 2 day meet with a totally fun theme!

As Bobby Patten says, Sunday's BlueSeventy Shoot Out is your chance to set "an undisputed, Republic of Texas WORLD asterik record"!! tee hee!

March 3rd, 2010, 01:37 PM
The inaugural event was a huge success! Everyone had a blast at the meet! Even though I couldn't attend the clinic and lecture, I got the crib notes from others and it was amazing how much information was shared. I think that alone was worth it for many swimmers! So a big


to our elite masters who put on the clinic and Gary Hall Sr and Rich Abramson for their lecture on Saturday.

If you weren't here, you missed out on both an asterik and an exclaimation point for your record!


(If this link doesn't work, just go to www.damswim.com (http://www.damswim.com) and search there)

Here are the initial results. And yes, i've already emailed Bobby to tell him only the top time was listed for each age group, and yes, I will make sure the top tens go through all the places.

One correction: since suits are legal through the end of SCY season, the times for the Shootout will count for top ten except for the 100 IM and if you were identified as not wearing a legal suit combo. No one I sqaw double suited after all. I was too tired and too wet to attempt it for the 100 IM. The order this year was:


Some long faces by Katie McClelland and Susan VDL, but a big cheer from chowmi!!!! The real heartstopper was listening for the first stroke. I was glad it was not backstroke!!!

Surprisingly, only 1 person that I saw got it wrong. Eney Jones said he was doing a double mystery IM.

There were free caps for each heat winner, drawings at random (Jim Montgomery's book, DAM t-shirt, and such). Blueseventy didn't send their stuff in time, but I hear they sent it on Friday and for the top 3 in the Shootout (by least amount of added-up time), there should be something good!


March 5th, 2010, 02:20 PM
Am I talking to myself? I know more than one person is searching through those results!!!

The updated results are now up!