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December 28th, 2010, 07:17 PM
I swim with Cambridge Masters now at Harvard. I like them a lot. The coaching is good, the pool is nice, friendly people, etc. However, I find the times don't work so well for me. Right now they have 5 pm practices, which I like, but they're discontinuing them in February. After that. the practices will be at 7 pm.

So I'm exploring other swim groups, but not coming up with anything. Maybe there's something I'm missing?


evening workout times starting 5 or 6 pm. weekend workouts as well, though I'm more flexible then. Just no early am workouts, 'cause I'm not a morning person!
on public transit. I live in East Arlington and commute to downtown Boston. I don't own a car.
25-yard pool
So far I've looked into

MIT Masters - they have a waiting list plus it's $900 a year to get the MIT athletic card.
Cambridge YMCA - 20 yard pool (too small) perhaps I'm being too picky?
Medford High School - not near transit
BU Masters - not near transit
Kennedy Elementary, Belmont Hill Club - trying to contact them but no success so far.
Are there any great Masters s groups that I'm missing out on? I know that the transit requirement is restrictive, but I'd figure in Boston that wouldn't be such a problem.

Sigh. Thanks for any help. I'd feel really bad leaving Cambridge Masters, but I'm tired of planning my evening around swim workouts.

January 3rd, 2011, 03:46 PM
Green Line B route stops at St. Paul street a couple blocks away from the Fit & Rec center - so coming from Boston out is easy, getting back home may be tricker, I assume you are off the red line or a bus in East Arlington so your return may be longer and may be a little harder - I think the #47 or #57 buses run past Comm Ave (may be a bit of a walk) to Central Sq - bus to subway to ???? doable but not ideal makes a 7 pm practice seem more worth it. Public Transit is great until you need to get somewhere. Good Luck

March 28th, 2011, 12:23 PM
Check out the BC Master Team. I have been on it for a few years - not swimming this semester but will be in the summer. Workouts are not at 5 though. There are workouts M- Th 7 to 8:15 and Sunday morning @ 9. Also T/Th 6 am workouts.

It is accessible on the Green line - take all the way to the end of the B Line. A lot of YMCA's also have team although the ones in Boston seem low key.

Good luck!