View Full Version : Experienced Coach in NJ

October 18th, 2003, 05:34 AM
An experienced Southern Californian age-group, high-school, masters coach with over 20 years motivating, teaching , developing and training athletes seeks opportunities to coach Masters team in New Jersey - head or assistant position.

I now live in Bedminster, NJ and have been focusing my private practice as a stroke technician for the last 2 years. This practice now consists mostly of adults - 60% Triathletes, 20% Masters and 25% Learn to swim (Overcoming Fear) clients. I'm an avid student of our sport - maintaining affilitations or certifications with ASCA, ARC, YMCA and Total Immersion - and a believer that a swim coach needs technique knowledge, experience and passion in in order to coax a swimmer adults to aquatic potential.

I look forward to any discussion that this note might generate. My website is www.virtualswim.com for contact information and detailed history.

Swim Smart,