View Full Version : Mid Michigan Swimming

August 14th, 2012, 02:15 PM
Though there hasn't been too much activty in this forum as of lately, I thought I would still try this route.

I have been getting back into swimming (pretty new to Masters) and live in Lansing. I have been training on my own for a long distance swim, but would like to get back into racing as well. Are there any workout groups in the area?

I saw from the michigan masters website that the CATS group swims at the MAC and/or YMCA? There was no contact listed and I do not have a membership to either gyms (I swim at Court One through a work discount) and it looked like I would have to have a membership to swim at those?

Mainly wanted to put a feeler out there to see if I get any response... will definitely try to swim at the next swim meet that is not too far away so I may be able to network more at that as well...