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April 19th, 2013, 12:09 AM
Greetings from the LMSC Development Mentoring team. As you may have read from the latest edition of Streamlines for Volunteers (March/April 2013, sent on 4/18), we are planning to use this forum to post several periodic topics related to LMSC volunteer activities. We invite you to take a moment at your convenience to review and respond with your comments/questions/concerns, and hope that sharing your thoughts will generate helpful insights for others that might benefit from relevant solutions and best practices that produce positive results.

From the 2012 LMSC Standards survey results, we found 69% of LMSCs report that they are meeting the requirement to "Appoint or elect: Registrar (cannot be the same person as the Treasurer), Vice Chair, Communications Chair (newsletter/webmaster), Top Ten Recorder, Sanctions Chair, Coaches Chair, Officials Chair (Note: one person may cover more than one position, unless otherwise indicated)."

How does your LMSC succeed in meeting this requirement?

What challenges or obstacles have you encountered as you attempt to recruit and retain enthusiastic, qualified and dedicated volunteers?

Thank you for taking the time to participate. We value and appreciate your contributions to these conversations.

April 19th, 2013, 02:23 AM
I was sort of given the Top Ten/Records position for my LMSC a couple seasons ago. The former person had been doing it for so long, and I was always sending her emails with new records that I'd been breaking. :) She knew I was constantly looking at results, times, records, other people's times, etc., and just sort of thought someone like that would be good for the job.
Along the same line, I was given the webmaster duties as well, as the former webmaster was moving away out of the country. That one was literally "dumped" on me, and I just self taught my way through it.
It does take someone willing to put in the time and effort to keep things organized, both for the LMSC level, and for the USMS National level of submitting the correct results and other things.

My idea for finding someone good for this:
Look for a person who is like me...one who is constantly checking on the times, places, seedings, etc. They are probably already computer literate enough to be able to handle the jobs of processing meet results, etc. Some of the LMSC jobs you don't just want to give to just "anyone". Make sure you have a keeper, it will make things a whole lot easier for the future.

May 22nd, 2013, 12:50 PM
USMS Membership Director Anna Lea Matysek has some very good advice on finding the right folks to match to the right jobs: Don't always look to the top-tier swimmers in your LMSC to fill LMSC roles. It's the 2nd-3rd tier swimmers who are committed to Masters Swimming for fitness and confident enough to participate in meets who often make great volunteers to fill out the roster of required LMSC positions.
My advice: Have an "elevator speech" of the skills/competencies needed for any given position (the volunteer roles templates (http://www.usms.org/admin/lmschb/content/jobdesc) can help you select the top ones for your LMSC job) so that you can make a quick "ask" of anyone you cross paths with at practice, meets, grocery store, etc.
And you really need to ask! Person to person or by phone. It is very infrequent that someone will respond to a group email or item in a newsletter or social media post. It's the personal connection that really makes the difference!

Meanwhile, for those of you planning to come to the 2013 annual meeting at Convention, here's a news leak worth repeating...
The LMSC Development Committee is bringing in a Volunteer Involvement consultant to give a really substantial workshop on Saturday, Sept. 15. So put in your delegate request and plan to come get some good information on how to recruit, involve and retain volunteers in our great all-volunteer organization.