View Full Version : LMSC Grievance Procedures (LMSC Standards B5)

August 9th, 2013, 01:08 AM
Here is another LMSC Standard topic for review and discussion.

From the 2012 LMSC Standards survey results, we found that 87% of LMSCs report that they are meeting the requirement related to defining a procedure for handling disputes as described in B5:

"LMSC bylaws shall contain a provision for handling disputes within the LMSC."

How does your LMSC succeed in meeting this requirement?

What challenges or obstacles have you encountered as you attempt to meet this requirement?

Thanks in advance for taking the time to provide your feedback.

- The LMSC Mentoring Subcommittee

PS. There is a link on the Guide to Operations page, under LMSC Bylaws, that references a "Model LMSC Grievance Procedure" that may prove useful - http://www.usms.org/admin/lmschb/?utm_campaign=top_nav&utm_medium=for_volunteers (http://www.usms.org/admin/lmschb/?utm_campaign=top_nav&utm_medium=for_volunteershttp://)