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August 23rd, 2013, 05:45 PM
Welcome to the new Top Times Recorders Forum!

This forum is intended to be a place for you and other LMSC volunteers to post questions or suggestions and to share information. Questions and Ideas suggested here will be used by the LMSC Development Committee to help prioritize the scheduling of Peer-to-Peer Teleconference Meetings as well as the creation of Recommended Practices documents to address the concerns and include the ideas that you share here.

October 8th, 2013, 09:46 AM
I will start with a post. Our LMSC has an annual Senior Olympics meet that is recognized (but not sanctioned). What we've done is have the meet director setup Meet Manager to include USMS numbers for all registered USMS swimmers. Furthermore they are entered into the database under their USMS clubs. My suggestion for Top Ten recorders is to give these hosts the following suggestions:

1) Ask all USMS members to provide a copy of their card at the meet. You could also ask them after the meet to send in a copy if they didn't bring it to the meet (say, within 7 days). This is in case you can't work with the Host to send out this request ahead of time (not all hosts will collect email addresses or put this in their meet information but they may be able to advertise it at the meet itself). Have the entries chair enter their USMS number, club, name, DOB, etc. exactly as it appears on their USMS card.

2) Have the entries chair setup a Region for the meet. You could call it USMS, for example. Then put each of the USMS clubs in this region. For Unattached swimmers, you'll need to setup two clubs. Call one of them UNAT and put them in the USMS region. For non-USMS members put them all under UN and call that one Unattached.

3) When you receive the MM database then you just have to change the age-up date (Senior Olympic rules may differ from USMS rules depending on the course) and then Export results by Region. That way you only export the USMS members.

4) Import the results to the ERDB and then make any adjustments as usual.

I experimented by importing the entire database (not just the USMS region) and of course all of the UN swimmers are unrecognized in the ERDB. I did a re-upload using just the Export with the USMS region and everything worked fine. However, I also did an experiment where I took a known USMS member and stripped out his registration number and put him on club UN. When I uploaded to ERDB he was not identified. In the future that would be a nice feature if the ERDB could identify the swimmer from a name and DOB match and ask you if you want to use the Registration details. Then you could collect USMS members who neglected to submit their USMS info at the meet. Anyway, if they don't submit the info then the burden shouldn't be on the meet host but it is just an idea for our ERDB programmers to consider.

Jeff Roddin
Potomac Valley

December 15th, 2013, 10:59 PM
These are helpful suggestions for managing the recognized meet with Meet Manager.