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November 13th, 2013, 05:11 PM
As the Top10 person uploading results to the ERDB I’d like direct access to the event info collected during the sanction process that is pertinent to the Results, Records and Top10 process but that does NOT show up currently in the Event Results Administration page – stuff like the sanction requester's name and contact info, venue name and location, whether this event is dual sanctioned, pool type and restrictions, etc.

A link on the Event Results Administration page that simply opens a concise, read-only listing of such info for the event in question in a separate tab would do it.

Right now I have to rattle my Sanction Chair’s chains for this stuff after every event and she sez “all that stuff is already in the database” and I reply “but I’m not worthy to see it directly so please go through the extra hoops to extract the info and send it to me separately” to which she rolls her eyes and replies “if the info is in the E2EEM database I shouldn't have to get it to you manually" - but she eventually does (with a sigh and a smile).

Here's the page I'd like to see in a read-only format: http://www.usms.org/comp/edit_event.php?e=20131025FCFNRY (not positive you'll be able to see it) – it is possible to reach this page by a convoluted route but from there it looks like I can make changes to the sanction information and I’m guessing we don't want to allow that – that’s why I say it should be read-only.

December 15th, 2013, 10:54 PM
Hi Emmett ... are the specific data items mentioned (sanction requestor's name, contact info, venue name and location, whether the event is dual sanctioned, pool type and restrictions) the data items that are useful to you. I've usually found that information on the meet information that is generally linked to by the USMS Calendar for the subject meet.

Adding a link to the Sanction information from the Event Results Administration page is a great idea.

Does the e-mail that you receive as the Top Ten Recorder when a new sanction is approved contain information that is useful to you? Would it be better to expand that e-mailed information or create a link from the Event Results Administration page?

December 16th, 2013, 01:19 PM
Sometimes the info needed may be gleaned from the event info, sometimes not. The Sanction requestor may or may not be the meet director (and if not, almost certainly won't appear in the info). The meet director's email may or may not be in the info. So too with restrictions (like pads only on one end). Whether it is dual sanctioned or not may or may not appear.

Only some of the info needed is in the mailer. But that email likely came months earlier and I may or may not still have access to it depending on which machine Im working from. To me, a direct link from the Event Results Admin page to a page that shows the complete original sanction info (read-only and in a separate tab) is the useful option.