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Dennis Tesch
January 13th, 2014, 03:20 PM
I am starting this thread for a place to share workouts, ideas, swimming questions, anything related to coaching masters swimming in Utah.

What is one of your favorite sets to give your team?

January 15th, 2014, 01:50 PM
I don't have any favorites for the team, but I have grown fond of a particular ladder set that allows me to get in some long swims with various levels of sprint, distance or endurance work, form development and drills, with or without equipment:

100 - 100 easy
200 - 200 IM
300 - 4 x 75's drill
400 - 4 x 100's kick (fins optional)
500 - 500 free pull focus on form
600 - 3 x 200 IM, or stroke
700 - 2 x (250 choice + 100 2nd choice)
800 - 4 x 200's desc 1-4 :15-20 ri
900 - 9 x 100's fast <:10 ri
1000 pull focus on form
optionally go right into the 900 and down to 100 for a total of 10K (Sure beats 100 x 100s)

You can mix things up within those subsets to work more on sprint, or do them straight to get in some long distance training. Put sure makes a long workout seem to go fast and you don't have to spend a whole lot of effort keeping track mentally of where you are.

Dennis Tesch
February 13th, 2014, 01:26 PM
We are discussing as coaches some of the following questions:

How do you interact with your team? Do you have team parties? Do you do awards parties? Movie nights? Etc? What do you do with your team outside of the pool?

Coach Kris Edwards
February 14th, 2014, 11:57 AM
I love this set!!! Favorite to swim because in one hour I am challenged and have enough variety with distances and intervals to keep me interested and focused to keep working hard.

Crazy 8's, 6's, 4's, 2's, 1's Advanced
Warm-up: 1 x 100 Free @ 1:40
2 x 75 IM (Fly,bk,br) @ 1:20
1 x 50 Free (25 Drill-25 Build to 90%) @.60
2 x 25 Kick choice @.40 (350)
Crazy 8's
8 x 25's Free 8 x 50's Free 8 x 75's Free
2 x 25 @.35 2 x 50 @.55 2 x 75 @1:10
2 x 25 @.30 2 x 50 @.50 2 x 75 @ 1:05
2 x 25 @.25 2 x 50 @.45 2 x 75 @ 1:00
2 x 25 @.20 2 x 50 @.40 2 x 75 @.55 (1200)

Crazy 6's
6 x 25's Free 6 x 50's Free 6 x 75's Free
2 x 25 @.30 2 x 50 @.50 2 x 75 @ 1:05
2 x 25 @.25 2 x 50 @.45 2 x 75 @ 1:00
2 x 25 @.20 2 x 50 @.40 2 x 75 @.55
.30 Rest .45 Rest .60 Rest
Crazy 4's (900)
4 x 25's Free 4 x 50's Free 4 x 75's Free
2 x 25 @.25 2 x 50 @.45 2 x 75 @ 1:00
2 x 25 @.20 2 x 50 @.40 2 x 75 @.55
.30 Rest .45 Rest .60 Rest

Crazy 2's
2 x 25's Free 2 x 50's Free 2 x 75's Free
2 x 25 @.20 2 x 50 @.40 2 x 75 @.55 (900)

Crazy 1's
1 x 25 All OUT! 1 x 50 ALL OUT! 1 x 75 ALL OUT!
1 Min. Rest 1 Min. Rest 1 Min. Rest (150)

Cool Down: 100 EZ (100)

Total Yards: 3600 Yards

Coach Kris Edwards
February 14th, 2014, 12:13 PM
I missed the last coaches lunch and would love to share the things South Davis Masters are doing outside of the pool.
1. We have 2 major parties annually. Our facility gives us exclusive access to the competition, leisure and outside pools at the end of the summer season for a Masters swimmer and their families party. We all bring potluck items and either do an Ice cream social, grill burgers or have sandwiches. It is a lot of fun. In past years we have had members of the team perform in their local bands, and treasure hunts for the kids in the pirate ship outdoor splash pad area.
Our other party is Christmas Eve morning. We swim the "12 Swims of Christmas" and all meet afterwards for a potluck breakfast. Lots of fun.
2. This year we became an official USMS registered team and have started recording team records. We will be incorporating Annual award nights with these records. More to come.
3. We have Masters Monthly Movie Nights. We meet at a local restaurant prior to the movie and then go to the movies together. Our last movie was "The Hobbit". Enjoyable.
4. In years past we have done Saturday breakfasts at local restaurants following workout.
5. We have started traveling to meets as a team. The St. George meet was our first official travel meet. We planned dinners and pre-meet workouts as a team.
6. This morning for Valentines, following the workout, "Sweetheart Special", we gave all swimmers a dark Belgium chocolate treat which was donated from the local company Cocoa Metro Chocolate Company. YUM!!
Lots of fun team activities.
I would love new ideas from other teams.

Dennis Tesch
March 11th, 2014, 01:22 PM
Had an interesting conversation the other day with a coach on developing skills in an athlete. We discussed how Brazil has be far the best soccer players in the world and how they attribute this to their indoor soccer "youth" leagues. These leagues are played in smaller indoor fields, with a smaller ball, where the athletes must use their skills more often and typically in a quicker fashion. The smaller field and smaller ball provides for greater use of skills because the athlete must touch the ball more often.

During this discussion I wondered how this might be applied to swimming? Coaches.... what ideas related to Brazilian soccer would you apply to swimming to develop swimming skills? I would love to hear your thoughts?

Dennis Tesch
May 13th, 2014, 05:28 PM
Who is planning to go to the Utah Summer Games?

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