View Full Version : LMSC Development Overview: Practice Areas and Forums/Roles

January 24th, 2014, 09:55 AM
Chairs and Vice Chairs - please help get the word out to all your LMSC volunteers. The LMSC Development committee has set up these online forum groups and will be scheduling peer-to-peer teleconferences for each of 12 identified Roles and is also working on documenting Recommended Practices in each of 11 identified Practice Areas, which will be posted on the Guide To Operations page when available in a few months.

Attached is an overview.

The 12 Roles and Forum Groups are:
1. Registrar
2. Treasurer
3. Secretary
4. Chair and Vice Chair
5. Communications Chair & Webmaster
6. Coaches Chair & Club Development
7. Fitness Chair
8. Sanctions Chair and Safety Chair
9. Officials Chair
10.Meet Directors
11.Open Water Event Directors
12.Top 10 Recorders

The 11 Practice Areas are:
1. Registration
2. Finance
3. Governance
4. Volunteers
5. Memberships
6. Communication
7. Clubs & Training
8. Fitness Events
9. Pool Competitions
10.Open Water Competitions
11.Top Times