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January 24th, 2014, 10:11 AM
How do you attract new volunteers?

How do you do leadership development for existing volunteers?

What volunteer roles do you have in your LMSC? Between the volunteer role descriptions, LMSC standards and discussions with various LMSCs, it could be a long list! How many of these roles do you have:
1 Chair
2 Vice Chair
3 Secretary
4 Treasurer
5 Registrar
6 Communication
7 Webmaster
8 Top 10 Recorder
9 Sanctions Chair
10 Safety Chair
11 Officials Chair
12 Pool Competition Coordinator
13 Meet Management Chair
14 Open Water Chair
15 Fitness Chair
16 Coaches Chair
17 Awards & Recognition Chair
18 Social Chair
19 Community Involvement Chair
20 Marketing Chair
21 Affiliated Organization Chair

Do you have any kind of Succession Plan or cross-training / backup program to retain knowledge when a long time volunteer is on vacation or moves or is otherwise unavailable?