View Full Version : Here is a "best practice" idea for local/regional meets

jerry clark
August 30th, 2014, 03:08 PM
First, find a large bare wall on which you can tape multiple 8.5 x 11 sheets.
Second, print a single sheet, using very large bold font and centering the word MEN on the sheet; do another single sheet for WOMEN
Third, print single sheets, again with large bold font, for BACK, BREAST, FLY, FREE, IM and SAME GENDER RELAYS. Make two copies of each of these sheets.
Fourth, tape the MEN sheet way up high on the left side of the wall and tape the WOMEN sheet way up high on the right side.
Fifth, tape a horizontal row of the stroke sheets showing BACK, BREAST, etc., underneath the MEN sheet and do the same thing under the WOMEN sheet, taking care to space all the stroke sheets equidistant apart in the horizontal row.
Six, make one more sheet titled MIXED RELAYS, and find a place it to tape it in between the men's area on the left and the women's area on the right.
Seventh, require your Meet Manager operator to separate the genders when he/she prints results after each event is completed...this is not a problem for the MM operator. Ask him/her to stack those nearby in a nearby specific place after each event is finished
Eighth, have a runner pick up the gender separated results sheets and take those to the wall and tape them under the appropriate headings....the swimmers LOVE this - they can find their results much easier.

EXAMPLE: Say the 50 Free event for both women and men is completed. The runner goes to the MM operators location and picks up the separate results sheet(s) for Women and the separate results sheet(s) for Men, then he/she tapes the Women's 50 Free results sheet(s) directly underneath FREE on the Women's side of the wall. Then does the same thing with the FREE results sheet(s) on the Men's side of the wall. Same for all the other events.

August 31st, 2014, 10:31 PM
Hi Jerry,
Print it large enough and place it eye level, so those of us who wear bifocals and have poor eyesight can read it! Seriously, I love your idea.
Miss going to the Charlotte Meets...too busy skiing in Colorado! Hopefully I can get to the UGA meet next summer.