View Full Version : NJ Masters Swim Meet: 4th Annual Thanksgiving Classic @ TCNJ

October 16th, 2014, 05:00 PM
I just got the blast e-mail that this meet will be SCY not SCM this year:(
The key content was:
"...due to TCNJ facility restrictions, we will be holding the meet in SC Yards this year, not SC Meters. I realize that this may be disappointing news for some of you, but please understand that this was not our decision (we were told we could hold the meet in yards, or not at all)..."

I'd be interested to hear more about these "restrictions". What, someone is too lazy to move the bulkhead? Some team that trains in the pool can't deal with training SCM for one weekend? Some insurance company says that they won't insure the meet if it is held in SCM because old masters swimmers are more likely to suffer heart attacks from swimming all that extra distance? The guarding contract says the guards have to be paid proportional to the surface area of the pool that is open? The mechanism for moving the bulkhead is on the fritz and they are afraid that if the try to move it, it will break, leaving the pool 23.6 m long in lane 1 and 24.8 , in lane 8?

I guess if you want to race SCM that weekend you will need to go to Gettysburg. That's great, for people who are free on Saturday. Maybe the LMSC won't allow two SCM meets on the same day and Gettysburg got theirs scheduled first.