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March 4th, 2015, 07:20 PM
I have several points that I was planning to bring up in the TTR Peer-to-Peer tonight that are more in the form of reminders and announcements.

1. Reminder ... if a swimmer registers for a meet as unattached, whether UNAT or UCnn, TTRs are asked to please not change the swimmer from the unattached status regardless of the swimmers current registration showing in the Top Ten Tools. The suggestion is to confer with the meet director and the registrar to confirm/advise of the unattached, and ask the registrar to follow up with rule 201.3.5 where the swimmer declaring unattached should have the registration modified to the appropriate UCnn of the LMSC of the swimmer with the effective date of the declaration. I've used Club Assistant for on-line meet entry in my LMSC, and the CA software does allow the swimmer to overtype the club designation. Some may overtype with UNAT or some with UCnn, and may or may not match to the registered club designation when processing with the Top Ten Tools.

2. The USMS Records for both Relay and Individual now show the progression of the records over time. Before we ask the general swimming community for help in filling in blank spaces on the records, we are asking the TTRs to review the progression of relay records in particular. Some of the TTRs might have old records in their LMSCs that could fill in missing names, years or ages of swimmers on relays. Please find a complete list of relay records by course using the "Download Records" "View/Save to File" on the U.S. Masters Swimming National Records webpage found by selecting "Records" from the "Events & Results" tab. If you find a swim in error, or have corrections/name additions to the relay records, please e-mail Walt Reid (records@usms.org) with the Age Group, Type of Relay, Course and the specific relay participants, date of the swim and the time of the swim.

Jeanne Seidler, Chair of the RT Committee