View Full Version : Some "Best Practices" from Peer-to-Peer calls

jerry clark
July 26th, 2015, 01:55 PM
From May 2015 Chairs & Vice Chairs Peer-to-Peer Conference Call

LMSC annual meetings have larger attendance when held during a weekend meet or a weekend clinic and a social event is included.

Governing documents (by-laws, policy & procedure documents and grievance resolution) should be reviewed and updated at least every three years.

Reasonably attainable LMSC goals should be set out for each calendar year.

Some sort of succession planning should be part of policy & procedures, even though there is wide variance of the length of terms for LMSC officers.

jerry clark
September 6th, 2015, 05:15 PM
Here are some more 'best practices' from the August 25, 2015 Peer-to-Peer call hosted by Michael Moore.

From August 25, 2015 Chairs & Vice Chairs Peer-to-Peer Conference Call

Some LMSCs provide financial subsidies to Clubs / Workout Groups that put on USMS sanctioned meets in that LMSC. One LMSC donates $250 for a local meet, $500 for a zone meet and $1,000 for a national meet.

The USMS Adult Learn to Swim program has been very successful with many LMSCs planning to use present this program in their area in the coming year.

The Coach Certification program has also been very well received by all LMSCs. Funding coachs expenses to attend a certification course varies greatly, but numerous, if not all, of the LMSC representatives on this conference indicated they reimburse the coaches expenses in some way.

To encourage meet directors to send the LMSC Top 10 person results of his/her meet within two weeks after the meet, some ideas put forth were:
(a) Require a bond from the meet director;
(b) Have a policy of denying the next sanction request from the meet director who was late sending results to the applicable Top 10 person;
(c) Have the Sanction chairperson to send a reminder email message to both the meet director and the Top 10 person a few days before the meet commencement date to remind both of them to communicate immediately after a meet ends.