View Full Version : Some 2015 'best practices' for Communication & webmasters

jerry clark
September 6th, 2015, 08:07 PM
Here are some 'best practices' from the July 14, 2015 LMSC Communication & Webmaster Chairs Peer-to-Peer conference call hosted by Sally Guthrie.

Almost every LMSC representative on this call uses electronic newsletters on a regular basis (some monthly, some quarterly, etc.) to reach their membership. Many post new information on their websites when a need comes up. A good idea for upcoming meets was mentioned, which was to send the future meet information to the participants who were in the meet the prior year. If a meet director uses Club Assistant for taking entries, an email blast to prior years swimmers can be done via Club Assistant.

Many LMSCs use email blasts to convey information; those should be kept short by including links if the information being conveyed is lengthy.

One person on the call mentioned a good way to gain new members, which was to have one practice per week for JUST FITNESS SWIMMERS who, according to this person, tend to spread the word about Masters swimming to their friends.

Including color photos in newsletters or on websites seems to grab most viewers attention; that is a good way to promote USMS.

Other social media is used by a few LMSCs, and it is suggested that postings to those should be monitored.
of some 'best practices' for Communication chairs and Webmasters from the Peer-to-Peer call on July 14 hosted by Sally Guthrie.