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jerry clark
September 25th, 2015, 07:26 PM
From June 2015
Meet Directors
Peer-to-Peer Conference Call

--The meet director puts the meet together, producing psyche sheets, heat sheets and a timeline. Immediately upon completion of the meet, the team produces results in publication order and a backup file of the meet, both of which are electronically sent to the meet director.
It is strongly suggested that this team be paid for its services; negotiate that with the head of the team well in advance of the meet date.

--With regard to helping swimmers who have been disqualified find out what they did wrong, it is suggested that contestants go to the meet referee during scheduled breaks in the meet and ask him/her to pull the DQ slip and tell the swimmer why he/she was deked. This can also be done immediately after the meet ends. Hy-Tek software allows DQ reasons to be entered, so consult with the meet referee and the Hy-Tek operator prior to the meet to see if they are willing to set up a process for doing this during the meet. It is probably best to have a different meet official feeding information about the DQ to the computer operator because the meet referee is usually very busy throughout the meet.

--Invite local/regional meet referees to an LMSC board meeting to create good relationships and have them become familiar with USMS procedures.

September 26th, 2015, 07:55 AM
Don't forget that we also need a printout directly from the timing console for each heat. This is especially needed to verify records and to document splits. This printout can also be used to show backup button times for time discrepancies that might be questioned later. Often this printout cannot be obtained later after other meets have been run. The Meet Manager backup file is not accepted as proof of time for records.