View Full Version : Get meet over or get it right?

Viva O Fear
December 6th, 2016, 09:07 PM
I attended the SPMA zone meet December 2nd 2016 in Commerce Ca.

I only swam day 1, 1500 free, 200IM, 100 free and 200 Back. I was on 800 free relay at end of day 1 as well.
I arrived at meet at 8:10 am just as heat 1 of 12 for 1500 started. All my events went well and was headed for the starting blocks early and my mind froze. Earlier I knew I was in heat 3 lane 5, but somehow I thought heat 3 lane 3. When they called up the teams, there was another swimmer and referee came over and said it was Rose Bowl lane 3. I was still uncertain and then looked what and I saw empty lane 5, I headed over and the starter called up the swimmers and started they race, I was frantically waving my arms and asking him to stop. The heat left and my team mates told me to go, so I did and the team completed the relay. We were disqualified, I felt terrible. This was about 5 pm. I was exhausted and disappointed and hoped the points lost wouldn't change anything. Unfortunately at end of the meet my team was 3rd overall by 4 points. We would have scored 16-18 points in that event. So extra time is given to get swimmers out of the pool at end of races, why don't starters help get swimmers to the right blocks. I wear bifocals, was in low light indoor pool, I was tired from the long day my mind wasn't 100%. It would have been 10 more seconds to get us in right lane why the hurry? If they don't want to get the swimmers in right spot why have the meet. They were determined to get meet over. Very disappointing officials, no objectivity obviously there was some confusion and an open lane. They were determined to finish the meet and if you needed a little extra help, no way....

January 17th, 2017, 06:01 PM
Sorry to hear this. I and other relay members have done this as well , except the officials delayed the start till each team that was at SOME block found their way to the correct one. If you were in the wrong heat after your race then I could se a DQ, but your team was there & should have been given the time to sort out the correct lane. IMHO