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May 4th, 2004, 01:46 AM
I'm new at masters swimming, hadn't swam a mile in 20 years until last January. I began swimming a mile 3 times a week for a month or so and then upped it to 5 times a week until my first meet in March. During that 3 months, I had no shoulder pain whatsoever. In the meet I swam the 1500M free, 400M free, 200M free, 100M free and 50M free. Probably overdid it:) On my second workout after the meet I started having pain in the muscles of the upper right arm, which I am now starting to believe is rotary cuff. I've backed off to 3 workouts a week, I'm trying to roll more to take pressure off my right arm, and I'm doing some exercises using an elastic theraband that my chiropractor gave me. But it's been over a month now and I don't see much difference. I'm really bummed because I was finally getting back into shape after 20 years and now I'm afraid I won't be able to swim anymore. Can anyone enlighten me on what to do (quit altogether for a period of time, keep swimming it'll get better, etc) or maybe who to go see to get it checked out (I live near Ada Oklahoma). I'd also like to know if there is anywhere I can go to see if my stroke is faulty. Do we have any clinics in Oklahoma? Thanks for your help.

May 4th, 2004, 10:58 AM
In addition to using the theraband--are you icing after swimming AND using the theraband? Are you using products like Advil?

While some people believe in chiropractors--I think it might be time to see someone who deals in sports medicine OR an ortho surgeon.

Sometimes you do have to "sit-out" for a few weeks while the injury attempts to heal. If you continue to swim through something that is damaged--all you do is make the problem worse. Been there---done that.

Summer of 88--swam about a mile a day--5-7 days a week. Took about 4-5 weeks for the right shoulder to become really sore. Continued swimming until about Labor Day. That weekend--emergency room. Plain x-rays won't show a tear in the rotator cuff. Numerous drs visits, PT, change of drs--surgery 2 times on right and 4 times on left. Therapy from 1988-2002 (on and off depending on surgery and pain). Worth swimming--yes. Worth doing damage without diagnosis--No.

Since you don't mention having x-rays or MRI or other diagnostic tests--I'm guessing that you and the chiro are just going on pain. Perhaps seeing a medical doctor will get you finally diagnosed and back in the water on a permanent basis.