View Full Version : Looking to swim in the Maryland DC metro area

September 21st, 2017, 05:24 PM
Anyone reading here a swimmer like me? I'm mostly a recreational water-lover, considering some learning to swim adult classes. It's been hard to find 'em on a schedule that will work for me so far. My local (Prince George's County) Parks and Rec offers them, but by the time I looked many had filled up until about mid-November. I will probably just go and swim around at a couple of the indoor pools around here, until then.

I swam over the summer at a neighborhood community pool, and loved it. But it is an outdoor facility, so it's closed now.

I have looked over the Masters' group swim information, but I'm no former HS or collegiate competitor. I just like swimming. I am not too sure about reading swim workouts, yet, and definitely don't have the endurance to join a Masters swim session.

I did just realize there is a college campus pool or two pretty close to me. However, there's going to be red tape to get admitted to those, from all I can tell. I guess, I should have started prepping for the outdoor pool's closing, earlier.

September 23rd, 2017, 11:32 AM
I visited this pool yesterday around midday. There was a class of water exercisers just wrapping up, and a couple of lanes of lap swimmers. But not too much of a crowd. I swam a bit in a lane, and then swam and paddled around in the shallow side. The day was partly sunny outside, so from time to time my dark tinted goggles made it seem very gloomy. Next visit I'll be sure to have a clear pair with me!

This is (I think) a pretty typical Olympic type pool. Its lanes are 50 meters in length. The water felt quite warm, to me, which was disappointing - it's still hot in Maryland right now! I saw that there is a separate room with a sign reading "Training Pool" but no one was in it. The facility also houses a whirlpool, a large weight room, a basketball court, and several racketball courts. Plus of course, locker rooms and shower facilities for men and for women. On deck, there are bleachers, and the main pool has a nice big digital clock. I love that because I haven't yet gotten prescription goggles, so it's usually hard to see smaller analog clock faces.

It was surprisingly easy to sign in and get swimming (but I didn't bother asking about the classes). And there seems to be a fair number of good parking spaces even when classes are in session. The pool's hours are pretty generous also.