View Full Version : Betsy's request re ideas for USMS future:

helen bayly
March 2nd, 2005, 01:34 PM
Camaraderie is the Masters Swimming quality which tempts and then KEEPS members (dare I say exceeding even New England, and Arizona's, Masters' systems, da dah?). Right after fitness, and written in our very definition of Masters Swimming, CAMARADERIE needs to be evident and continuing for Masters Swimming to retain members, increase membership, and support all the other efforts mentioned inthese discussions.

And - there's nothing like a team's pot-luck get-togethers, or holiday brunches etc., that strengthen coach/team/fitness support. I'd be willing to bet that with good pot-luck gatherings (in local park, or at swimmers' homes), our teams and USMS would see a steady rise in membership. That could also be the featured info in any press info/releases, to bring 'em running. Experience speaking here.

Re the idea of one USMS Centre/Pool etc.... I think not as good as the present concept of changing venues for meets, conferences etc. Not all Masters can easily afford the personal costs of long journeys to expensive regions for meets/meetings. Expensive venues/hotels include Palo Alto (for 2006)......At least with changing meet locales, swimmers' travel costs could be at least shared somewhat by East/West coasters etc..

April 23rd, 2016, 05:36 PM
Camaraderie is the best part of any sport. This is a great reminder why we get involved. Join teams. Its great sharing ideas and checking them out together. Thanks for the post.