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Meegan Wilson
March 13th, 2005, 09:57 PM
I am trying to determine which VP's are associated with which committees. Is it something like this?

Member Services
1 Ad Hoc ISHOF Nominating Committee
1 Championship Committee
1 Coaches Committee
1 Communications Committee
1 Fitness Committee
1 History & Archives Committee
1 International Committee
1 Long Distance Committee
1 Officials Committee
1 Publications Committee
1 Recognition & Awards Committee
1 Records & Tabulation Committee
1 Safety Education Committee
1 Sports Medicine Committee
Community Services
2 Marketing Committee
2 USMS Endowment Fund Board of Governors
2 USMS Liaisons
National Operations
3 Ad Hoc Legal Counselors
3 Board of Directors Grievance Panel
3 Convention Committee
3 Executive Committee
3 Finance Committee
3 Insurance Committee
3 Legislative Committee
3 Planning Committee
3 Registration Committee
3 Rules Committee
3 USMS Hearing Panel
Local Operations
4 Zone

March 15th, 2005, 10:58 AM
Reply to Meegan:
The following was developed prior to the 2004 convention and is published with Election information in order for a potential candidate to know what is involved with each position. The committee structure is under evaluation at this time with members of the Executive Committee (the current liaisons) working with the existing committee chairs to determine the most logical alignment.

The vice president of Member Services shall coordinate activities and work with committees that directly affect current members, such as communications to current members (including publications and website activities), club development, competition, fitness, coaching, education, officiating, awards, and records.

The vice president of Community Services shall coordinate activities and work with committees that affect potential new members, such as marketing, merchandizing, national sponsorship, and liaisons with other organizations.

The vice president of National Operations shall coordinate activities and work with committees that affect the business of the organization such as finance, legislation, rules, insurance, registration, and national office positions.

The vice president of Local Operations shall coordinate activities and work with the clubs, LMSCs, and Zones.