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October 8th, 2005, 04:10 PM
High Altitude Swimmers in CO and elsewhere!

after losing the men's 60-64 200 fly at Mission Viejo by 0.02 seconds, I decided I needed to pump up my fly training. I'm now weekly doing 25's, 50's, 100's and 200's with a bit of overdistance thrown in (400's and 500's). This is important to me since I turn 65 next season. But, it's a LOT of work at 8700 feet, the elevation of my pool.

So here's my question: What's your favorite high-altitude animal workout? How do you punish yourself when you need to clean out the pipes?

My offering is today's workout: 5000 yards total in 135 minutes.

Warm up:

1500 easy free, 500 breaststroke kick, 300 free pull & 4 X 50 breaststroke pull with dolphin kick.

Main set:

5 X (100 fly breathing one up one down, relaxed pace, followed by 100 recovery kick or pull on 6:00)

5 X (4 X 25 fly, hard pace, on 60 sec, followed by 100 easy kick or pull)

Cool down:

500 easy swim, kick and pull

-- mel

October 10th, 2005, 12:13 PM
First, are you getting any snow?

Second, I live near about 30 miles east of the Mississippi. We are very close to sea level. I can't imagine doing that woek out too frquently. I'm going to try to tack it into my work out today.

Third, I was once told that to do pulling with verylimitted breathing is very much like swimming at altitude. Any thoughts. sometimes I'll pull 600 yds and try to breath only once per lap.

October 10th, 2005, 02:56 PM
Indeed we have some snow. Enough to get the saliva drooling out! We had a few inches in the front yard (Granby, the relatively dry part of the Valley) & some friends nearer to Winter Park got somewhere around 8-12. Had a bunch of rain just before the snow, so the ground is probably pretty saturated by now. Just need some consistently cold nights. However, I've located all 10 pairs of skinny skiis and set up the waxing bench. I'm ready to go!

As for the oxygen thing, if I normally swam fly breathing every stroke I would probably do one breath and one or two strokes with no breathing to simulate the pain of the altitude!

Have fun.

-- mel

November 8th, 2005, 02:16 PM
I'm in Colorado Springs. 6000 ft. above sea level. I work out daily (except Sundays.) I do 4200-4700 yards/day in about 70-75 mins. A lot of aerobic work. That's just what moves me now.

The fly workout is impressive. I wouldn't be able to hack that.

This week I'm in the San Fran area on business. The difference between altitude and sea level is always a joy to experience. My aerobic-style workouts are fully 10% faster at sea level (the first 2 days.) I find that my muscles tend to get sorer at sea level after a workout because I can work them harder than they are used to. Especially my back and shoulders.

The difference between altitude and sea level wears off within 3-4 days (gradually diminishing, day by day.) And when I get back to altitude after a week, it's like I'm totally out of shape. It feels like I feel after giving blood. And it takes several weeks to regain my acclimation to altitude fully.

November 8th, 2005, 06:24 PM
Mel, you should submit an application to the Olympic Training Center and see if you get accepted into their study. I can't remember where I saw it, but it was somewhere on this website. I think under Clinics.

March 9th, 2006, 12:44 PM
This is a BIG total set, including swimming and weights - about 3 hours total time


Warm Up:

500 Swim, 500 Kick, 500 Pull

Main Set:

5 X 200 fly, EZ pace (one with the water!), 30 sec rest, 3 beat kick, breathe every stroke
100 EZ pull
5 X 100 fly EZ to moderate pace, 30 sec rest, 3 beat kick, breathe every stroke
100 EZ pull
5 X 50 moderate to hard pace, 30 sec rest, 3 beat kick, breathe every stroke
100 EZ pull
10 X 25 HARD, 45 sec rest, 2 beat kick, breathe every other stroke
100 EZ pull

Cool Down:

400 Assorted slow swim, kick & pulls


50 sit ups
50 back hyperextensions
50 toe raises to work calf muscles
3 X 20 push ups
5 X 10 suspended leg lifts
5 X 4 unassisted pull ups
5 X 10 curls @ 40 pounds
5 X 10 pull downs to work triceps @ 50 pounds
5 X 10 dips using a chair to rest the hands, feet on the floor
Assorted EZ weight exercise to strengthen the rotator cuff and other muscles around the shoulders.

That'll get the cobwebs out!