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February 14th, 2007, 12:14 PM
Thee is a new discussion thread in "Long Term Planning" asking the question, "What is the role of the LMSC in the new governance structure?"

Please post your reply's to that thread so that I can keep track of the discussion.

Thank You.

May 12th, 2009, 01:21 AM
My view of the LMSC's role in USMS hasn't really changed much following the new governance structure implementation. From my perspective, LMSCs should act/serve as the local operations administrators of USMS.

This includes, but is not limited to the following:
1) Establishing formal and functional bylaws that clearly define the purpose and organization of the LMSC and its officers.
2) Conducting effective LMSC business meetings on a regular basis, with open invitations to LMSC members for their input and feedback.
3) Manage the sanctioning and recognition of LMSC-wide USMS competitions - pool, postals, open water.
4) Maintain an LMSC web site with access to any and all LMSC information for member reference, and links to USMS, Online registation, with updated branding and logo.
5) Maintain an LMSC newsletter (either electronic or paper) to communicate to the local Masters community
6) Manage an LMSC budget within the guidelines established in FOG, keeping clear and transparent financial records that reflect the needs and priorities of the local operations.
7) Maintain an active and ongoing account of membership registrations - new members, returning members, retention rates ... by USMS Club, if possible.
8) Maintain an updated listing of local places to swim so that members and interested potential members can find a workout easily.
9) Maintain regular email correspondence with the LMSC membership, announcing all LMSC, neighboring LMSC, Zone, National and International events - clinics, meets, postals, open water swims, special events, social events, etc.
10) Send delegates to USMS Convention to maintain a close relationship with USMS and its operations. LMSC delegates should always remember that they represent the interests and needs of the LMSC members. A formal report of the delegate experience and convention news should be a requirement.
11) Maintain accurate and up-to-date LMSC competitive age group records. While not necessarily required, LMSC records for SCY, SCM, LCM, and postals and cable swims is a member service that is appreciated. Regular submissions of Top Ten are required/expected.
12) LMSCs should actively promote the value and benefits of USMS at every opportunity. LMSCs are the grass-roots marketing engine for USMS, and many of the most effective membership growth initiatives occur at the local level. Promotion of all types of Masters events/competitions is expected.
13) LMSCs serve the needs of USMS Clubs, and should assist with Club Development efforts whenever the need arises either for existing clubs or for newly forming clubs and workout groups.
14) LMSCs must do everything they can toward planning volunteer succession. Identifying members with a desire to be part of the LMSC leadership, and inviting them to attend LMSC meetings is a challenge, but a necessity.

I am sure there are some additional LMSC roles or responsibilities that I may have overlooked, but this list is as complete as I can report at this time.

- Chris McGiffin, NJ LMSC Chair

September 22nd, 2009, 09:24 AM
Well said Chris! We need to further define positions in the LMSC's (like job descriptions). That will allow a potential vounteer to know what will be expected of their position before they accept. Example: "The registrar will store paper records in their home for 4 years...." "The top ten recorder will report via computer ....." and, "The chairman is resposible for every position and every function not filled by a volunteer....".