View Full Version : New Swimmer

March 21st, 2007, 08:48 AM
To start off I'm new to the sport, I don't have any prior experience. I have been swimming for the last three weeks basically working on drills. I know things come with time but I'm not seeing any improvement, I'm not treading water long enough and I'm not getting enough propulsion from my kicks. My goals are to tread for 30 min, and swim a 500 in 11:30 or less. I just wanted to know if anyone could share any tips or workout that would help me improve my swimming.


March 27th, 2007, 10:59 AM
Hey John! How are you? I'm also a new swimmer. I've been arround the pool for 9 months (didn't know how to swim before, and terrified of deep water) and in the Master's team since dec. 06. Keep on with practice, do a lot of kicking with your board, and try some dryland exercises, so you can fortify your lower limbs. Try some weightlifting too, it will help you with your arms. I can tell from my own experience that practice and presistency will take you were you want. You'll become faster with time and stroke technique improovement. Believe it, I pass from swimming 50 meters, with my tongue almost out, to swimming 3,000 mts. without stoping. Keep on going and you'll get there!