View Full Version : Super Bowl XLII Help Jan31-5 Feb 08 Help!

October 24th, 2007, 05:44 PM
Greeting Glendale USMS Swimmers and Luke AFB Area Folks,
I am a Ret. U.S.Army career soldier now Civil Service worker at Madigan Army Medical Center in Dire need of housing assistance During the Dates of 31 Jan
{Arrive from Washington} to Feb 5th {Depart} I am doing charity Work and
trying to get a room on Luke AFB Lodging but may have some trouble
depending on how busy they are, I am a guest contributer as well to
GeezerJock Magazine and will probably have a Week of Game Media Pass.
I am will to pay anyone who can help, an affordable price for putting me up.
I like to think I am lots of Fun, {Just me }Travel light and have worked 3 Super Bowls before, I work in Healthcare and need Lodging :help::help::help:to secure work coverage for this trip! So the only thing holding me back is my Housing situation {Airfare was only $99.00 } Can anyone give me some advice
or offer a Room? My needs are very simple--I am very fit/Non smoker {of
Course] I do enjoy I few drinks but--Hey this is the Super Bowl
I if you can help I would love to hear from you--