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January 9th, 2008, 11:53 PM
From the 2008 USMS Rulebook, a new USMS/USA-S difference has entered the rulebook:

MS1.3 Backstroke—Note: The swimmer who turns past vertical and, in a continuous motion, grabs the wall before pushing off with the feet while on the back is considered to have executed a “continuous turning action”.

But it seems to me that this isn't really a difference. In the USA Swimming Stroke & Turn Situation Resolutions (http://www.usaswimming.org/USASWeb/_Rainbow/Documents/6ac37171-2d19-4337-976e-b2323dfea650/Situation%20Resolutions%20Stroke%20Turn%20rev%207-11-07.pdf):

6. During the 50-yard backstroke a swimmer in lane 4 approaches the turn. When the swimmer moves past vertical towards the breast to make a flip turn, he finds himself in contact with the wall. With out doing a flip turn the swimmer leaves the wall past vertical towards the back. What action should the turn judge take?

[u]Recommended Resolution: No action is required. During the turn the shoulders may be turned past vertical toward the breast after which a continuous single arm pull or a continuous double arm pull may (not required) be used to execute the turn. As the turning action was continuous, there should be no disqualification.

Applicable Rules: 101.4.3

The USMS portion would appear to be an insignificant textual difference, and seemingly the same rule: the codification of a standing USA Swimming interpretation. (It is a good thing though that it's explicitly stated!)

Or am I missing something here?

Patrick King

Kathy Casey
January 13th, 2008, 02:08 AM
No, you are not missing anything. Technically that is not a difference between USA-S and USMS rules. However, the USMS Rule Book specifically states in a note in 101.4.3 that a swimmer can turn "past vertical and, in a continuous motion, grab the wall before pushing off with the feet while on the back..." (in other words, do an open turn). That is a difference in text between the two rule books but not a difference in the interpretation of the rule. I have come across meet situations in the past year where officials were warning swimmers at USMS meets that they could not turn past vertical and grab the wall for an open backstroke turn. You are correct; it became clear to me that the interpretation allowing the open backstroke turn needed to be explicitly stated, so the note from 101.4.3 (USMS Rule Book) was added to the USA-S/USMS Differences. It appears in the "Differences" published in the USMS Rule Book but not in the "Differences" published in the USA-S Rule Book because it is not a difference in interpretation of the rule.
Kathy Casey, Chair
USMS Rules Committee

February 12th, 2008, 11:32 PM
Can this past vertical be done BEFORE you touch the wall?

Kathy Casey
February 13th, 2008, 12:53 AM
Yes, it can be done before you touch the wall. You can roll past vetical while taking your last armstroke ("turn the shoulders past vertical toward the breast") and make contact with (grab/touch) the wall. Once the shoulders have turned past vertical toward the breast, the turning action must be continuous (in other words, grab the wall right away). If this is still unclear, feel free to ask me for more information.
Kathy Casey, Chair
USMS Rules Committee

March 5th, 2008, 08:09 PM
Thanx Kathy, this seems to clear things up. I thought that this was a DQ in all ways.