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Random Nonsense

  1. There's a throw down!

    by , November 17th, 2012 at 02:22 PM (Random Nonsense)
    GSP or Condit? I am a GSP fan, but I don't hate Condit.

    Now that the throw down is out of the way, here is how the meet went.

    My 400 free (1st event) started at 7:59 and I finished cooling down at 9:20 from my last event. All my racing was done in under 80 minutes. Very much something James would think is fun.

    1st event 400 free, the gridge event
    - 4:58.15
    -- 1:10.68 (33.51, 37.17)
    -- 1:18.70 (37.99, 40.71)
    -- 1:17.35 (39.03, 38.32)
    -- 1:13.38 (37.18, 36.20)

    I thought 10,12,12,12 was reasonable, but I also have know experience splitting a 400. There are 6 lanes and I am in lane 1, so there are 4 people faster than me in theory, two I know are fast and realistically much faster than me. At the 75-100 leg I see I am in the lead, by a lot, and all I can feel is prerace jitters, I have no idea how fast I am going from feel, so I dial it back. In reality, I was right on track. If I would have kept up the pace, I would have died at the end but had a much better swim, probably by several seconds.

    -18.71 for the gridge, but worst swim of the meet, all on poor execution. I shouldn't let other swimmers influence my race, I know how much variety there is in my training, so expecting the fast guy to go fast is silly.

    I have done a sub 5:00 swim from a push at Lifetime recently, which is the primary reason I am so disappointed in that swim. The feel the first race of a meet is so incredibly different than anything in practice...

    50 free: 27.81

    Happy with that. I didn't cool down, warm up, or have time to pee after the 400 free. Not the best time for me, but I am not in the condition I was last year, the 400 was maybe 10 minutes before and last year I had Jost to race.

    200 free: 2:16.06
    - 1:05.77 (31.45, 34.37)
    - 1:10.29 (35.74, 34.55)

    This was kinda different. Stephanie Stone was in the lane next to me and we knew each other from WCM intensive training camp that we did back in March. She said she wanted to break 2:13, and I was entered with a 2:13 mid. I told her that I was not in the condition I was in last November and after the 400 definitely wasn't going 2:13, but I was more than happy to go out in a 5 high 6 low, but she needed to know that at the 100 she would have to pull way ahead of me to meet her goal. She's a smart girl, so probably didn't trust me, but at the 100 she was about a stroke and a half infront of me, well withing meeting her goal, she just didn't quite have the back half some 30 minutes after her 400, to break 2:13. She was 2:14 mid. Still a blazing time, but she wasn't thrilled with it.

    Happy with my time, slightly faster than I expected, didn't really swim my usual race and thinking about someone else's 200 for a change was a nice break. This was a really enjoyable swim for me.

    100 Free: 1:00.96 (30.03)

    This was fun. This is probably the first race that I can ever remember winning. Sadly, I remember not too long ago when this meet was bigger I probably would have won the second to last heat. Still fun!

    I was in much better shape at this point in the meet than I expected and this was a solid time given the timeline of the meet. To break a minute at this meet, I would have to forgo everything but the 50 or actually become a much faster swimmer. The 100 free is just too late in this meet to have a good swim and still take part in the other events I enjoy.

    Almost forgot, I got stuck in traffic and missed half of warm up (was on deck at 7:20 for a 7:00 warm up and 7:45 clear the pool) but the meet was so small I was in a lane with only Stephanie and Lynn (also from WCM training camp) during warm up who are both quick swimmers. One of the best warm up experiences I have had at a meet. This might have impacted the 400, but doubt it for the rest of the meet.

    * I did the split breakdowns from the cumalitives in my head, so there are likely math errors.
  2. How to train for a 400 free gridge

    by , November 16th, 2012 at 11:11 AM (Random Nonsense)
    My three pronged approach:

    1. Spend more time traveling than training and ignore that training can actually occur while traveling.
    2. Supplement wine consumption with beer consumption.
    3. Modify Rushall training to include more rest and less volume at lower efforts. This modified form can actually be done with or without a noodle.

    The key to success with this approach is taking a gridge with an overwhelming advantage, and that's exactly what That Guy did.

    Except he wasn't following my plan.

    While everyone reading That Guy's blerg thought he was doing laps across Puget Sound, fly/back, he was actually secretly crafting the perfect 400 free time drop. If anyone had actually read the bloog, they probably would have noticed this plan, but it was wisely hid in plan site.

    That Guy was so confident in his devious plan that he started randomly signing up anyone who passed by for this gridge.

    Imagine, training hard for a gridge. I tried that once and ended up with broken ribs.

    This time will be different. This time I will show up wholly unprepared, but with a functional rib cage, and have faith that my only 400 free time on record was a fluke in the most negative sort of way, and I can fake (or bribe) my way to an official 16 second time drop needed to beat That Guy.

    As for rxleakem and aztimm, how I am supposed to know how much to bribe the officials? They have not even swam yet. Bugger that.