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Questions from Coaches

Education Director Bill Brenner answers your questions

  1. Incentives to register or renew USMS membership

    by , January 15th, 2016 at 01:00 AM (Questions from Coaches)
    Q: What incentives can I offer my swimmers to register or renew their membership with USMS?

    A: Consider taking a two-step approach. Make sure your swimmers know the benefits of USMS membership. New benefits are added and enhanced frequently, and as the leader of your program, you should be able to convey those benefits. Knowing your swimmers and the reasons why they swim enables you to pinpoint specific benefits that may enhance their USMS membership experiences. USMS provides sanctioned events for our fitness swimmers, open water enthusiasts, and competitive swimmers. Know the events, when theyre scheduled, and add as many as possible to your programs seasonal plan.

    Ask yourself, What benefit or motivation can I provide as a coach and team leader to encourage registration? Again, knowing what motivates each swimmer as an individualhis or her goals and interestsalong with the goals and identity of your program, you can begin to identify incentive opportunities for your programs members that target USMS registration.
    Coach Stuart McDougal of So Cal Tri Masters recently sent an email to his programs members that encouraged USMS membership by stating, Those who renew and have been with So Cal Tri Masters for 6 months or more get a swim month on the house between the months of May and September 2017. Those who join as new members will get a video analysis of your stroke identifying the top three priorities for you to improve, scheduled during any one of the weeks when youll be swimming with So Cal Tri Masters.

    Coach McDougal has identified two benefits within his control that are of value to his swimmers. He has kept it simple and easy to administer. He can track his programs USMS membership on the website. And as the USMS club contact, he receives alerts when new swimmers register and affiliate with his club. Note who he rewarded with the incentive and when during the year he offers the month on the house. Would this or something similar work for you? Do you have long standing members who would be grateful to receive this incentive? Is your cash flow higher in the summer months, enabling you to better manage a small reduction in funds? These are questions you must answer individuallyno two programs are the same.

    USMS membership is an important element of the Masters swimming experience. Supporting USMS membership strengthens our organizations ability to provide our coaches, members and volunteers the resources, education, programs, and services necessary to teach an adult to swim, encourage an adult to swim, and provide the structure for adults who want to enjoy the healthy lifestyle our sport Masters Swimming provides.

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