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  1. Some biking, but if we get lost at sea, here's our plans...

    Today I drafted behind Dana for a fun bike ride. The sun was shining. It was great. At one point I dropped off and he carried on for some more mileage. I think I hit 20mph behind him. He was a semi pro bike racer in NY during the late 70and dreamed of going further. He won the New York State Apple Sprint Championship in 1979, but was smart enough to know that if he didnt make it he would be a bike mechanic the rest of his life. So he chose to go to college then further with his studies. Anyway we like to bike, but as always the sea beckoned me. I was pulled to see what the Gulf was doing.

    Last we during the East coast storm there were definitely some surfing ways out there. Today it was a calm beautiful day and the sugar sand just glowed. I hadnt planned to swim and didnt have my goggle or I would have dashed in. Having some shoulder trouble, not from swimming but falling off my desk chair on to the terrazzo floor. Dont put a slippery pillow on a chair and eagerly jump on it to get to your computer. Ugh!

    We are preparing fo a four day adventure at sea. We will sail up to Fort Myers on Friday (a day trip) then race Saturday and Sunday in The Sunset Regatta and return the long journey home on Monday. We have a Rocket 22 which is not a cruising boat, but a racing boat. It is a blast. I am so glad we are doing nonspinnaker though, only because it is just the two of us and it is brutal for me to change sails especially if it is a rough ,windy day. We really need more crew to do the spinnaker task. Maybe I wii get to skipper and get a break from running to adjust everything to sail the best we can in the races. Dont get me wrong it is hard work, but so exciting at the same time.

    Will post the result of the race and experience whether we do well or not. See you blogworld in a few days.
  2. I Can See Again!!!!

    I went to some obscure website and found Sporti Goggles with 2.5 positive lens and I can now see the timer clock and even paper with print like say Coach Workout Sheets! This has been a major obstacle for me to join group workouts. I have felt extremely handicapped on top of the drills being new for me in the beginning. Contacts always burned in my eyes and no stores or sites carry higher than 2 positive. They were less than $30.00. If interested I will try to find the website again.

    Work out

    500 Warm up

    500 Kick

    500 Arms

    10 50s @ 1:15 I usually touched in around 48 sec. and rested the rest of the allotted time. I finally am getting a knowledge of where I am speed wise. Still, a lot more to learn though. I really like these goggles! It a new world!

    500 underwater with flippers

    500 Freestyle with flippers

    500 Cool down any stroke I want

    3500 yds.
    I need to work on other strokes, as I like IM and all the others. I may not be good, especially the Fly but, would like to be a contender someday, in all strokes. Well, the Butterfly only because I have to do it in the IM. As far as I m concerned its torture. I am always thinking Just get me to the wall!