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  1. I Can See Again!!!!

    I went to some obscure website and found Sporti Goggles with 2.5 positive lens and I can now see the timer clock and even paper with print like say Coach Workout Sheets! This has been a major obstacle for me to join group workouts. I have felt extremely handicapped on top of the drills being new for me in the beginning. Contacts always burned in my eyes and no stores or sites carry higher than 2 positive. They were less than $30.00. If interested I will try to find the website again.

    Work out

    500 Warm up

    500 Kick

    500 Arms

    10 50s @ 1:15 I usually touched in around 48 sec. and rested the rest of the allotted time. I finally am getting a knowledge of where I am speed wise. Still, a lot more to learn though. I really like these goggles! It a new world!

    500 underwater with flippers

    500 Freestyle with flippers

    500 Cool down any stroke I want

    3500 yds.
    I need to work on other strokes, as I like IM and all the others. I may not be good, especially the Fly but, would like to be a contender someday, in all strokes. Well, the Butterfly only because I have to do it in the IM. As far as I m concerned its torture. I am always thinking Just get me to the wall!