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  1. I wish I were Superwoman, but I am meerly flippergirl...

    Today would have been my fourth day in a row of training. Yesterday I swam with a pulled hamstring and sore shoulders. Well, today they are worse. At least for now I am a person who needs a day off for recovering. I know I am supposed to time myself at the end of the week for the speed experiment and since I have to go out of town tomorrow till Sunday night I will just have to time myself on Monday. I feel I worked very hard this week and maybe if I give my muscles a chance to recover this is the smarter way to time myself. We'll see. I know I feel like have no strength today.

    I don't want to make too big a deal out of this in my mind...because that only leads to negative thinking about myself.

    I also have a very full day preparing for spending a wonderful week-end with my family in Boston. I am going to focus on that now.

    But I shall return!!! Don't give up on me...please! As I am not going to give up on myself.
  2. Day three done...

    1000 yards focusing on stroke and turns and pushing off really hard.

    200 backstroke
    300 breastroke

    5 x 100 on 1:30 kick with fins

    200 drills
    100 IM
    100 free

    12 x 25 on 30 sec (did 18-20)
    300 cool down

    Made my 3000 yard mark.
    That's all.
  3. LCM still pushing over 3000yds = 2750 meters!

    4 x 150 free 3:00
    4 x 50 kick w fins 1:15
    4 x 100 free on 2:00
    4 x 50 kick w fins 1:15
    400 IM with fins

    tried 100 backstroke drill with coke can on head. Only fell off twice, fun!

    400 IM w/o fins
    300 yds of free, drills, breast, back, butter
    200 cool down

    2800meters I am tired and have to train two more days in a row. Fist time I am training 4 days in a row. Ugh!
  4. I have decided to try out some of the workouts from here.

    Today I grabbed Kristilynn's and magnified it to 24 so I could see it without my glasses. I did a modified version being sure to get over 3000 yards.

    500 warm up
    5 x 100 kick W fins @ 1:30
    8 x 50 @ 55 25 heads up/25 swim (I think this helped me with catch and release)
    4 x 25 sprint @ :30
    5 x 100 kick w/fins @ 1:30 (basically nonstop for me)
    4 x 50 @ 55 choice drill/swim
    4 x 25 sprint @ :30
    3 x 100 @ 1:30
    300 cool down
    3000 yds.

    Going back to the pool tomorrow to do 3000 yds more of some other work out.
  5. Learning a great lesson about goals...

    You can set them and you may acheive them or not. The key is deciding you are not a failure if you don't do them perfect and totally give up. The point of goals is to march on and try to do better next week. That said I am proud to say I swam four time this week and my yardage was very close to 3000 except for one day.
    I think if I have a written out workout plan I will make the distance next week. Today my arms are sore and I did 2500.
    I also did my speed workout 12 x 25's as fast as I can three time this week. But today I had no one with a stopwatch so I timed my self and will post them in my speed journal/post, anyway. Being off from swimming (sailing) for a week cut into my speed training. But I will keep track anyway.
    Win or lose I always learn!

    I can't find where I posted my last times so until i do I will post them here.
    25yds 50yds
    16.5 36.5 no stop watch, tank suit, push off wall.

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  6. Sticking to my goals...

    3000 yards, four times a week and Ande's speed drill.
    In the middle of the night while trying to sleep I planned my workout.

    I swam the LCM today

    Here it was-

    10 x 50 free to warm up
    4 x 50 swim, 50 kick,50 drill, 50 swim (IM)w/ fins
    10 x 50 fast (45-50sec) on 1:00
    5 x 100's fast (1:40 sec) on 2:00
    200m cool down.
    2500 meters must be more than 3000 yards.(but it is is 2735yds.)
    I guess got close when I added in the catchand release drills...oh well...

    Jerry joined my lane as I was finishing up and he gave me some tips for the catch and release...high elbow. I worked on some of those drills. I have a long way to go...

    During my workout I thought about my body as a boat. My arms were the sails pulling me forward as I imagined the water rushing by me and over me like the wind. This gave me a sense of feeling the water more consciously. Nirvanaha enlightenment? Then to add an extra vrmmm my kicking legs became the motor!

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  7. Been gone sailin'

    First time to charter a 32 foot Catalina in the Palmico Sound for a week. I was all set to do alot of swimming when jellyfish with two foot long tentacles had invaded the place. Found out the hard way and got stung first day in the water in the first few minutes. Finally, after all week on Saturday I get in the water as no sightings of the beasts except one or two that morning. I followed behind the boat for a little over an hour anywhere between .6 -1.8 knots. Just after I got out my brothers and sister dophins approached the boat and swam along with us. What a joy!
    The trip was not without its hot lulls and also wild hurricanes to bunker down in, plus lots of spinacker flyin. Got the boat up to 8 knots. I learn alot about navigation. Rugged, but fun trip.

    Hope to get back on track of getting faster....
    Today I swam in the outdoor summer pool just down the street. I can walk there and that is so tempting rather than having to go downtown.
    I like having a variety of choices...but must stick to goals when in the water no matter where:

    Swim four times a week
    At least 3000 which I did not do today.
    Ande's speed drills at least three times a week and get timed on the 25 and 50 at the end of each week.

    500 yards free
    200 IM
    12 x 25 as fast as I could
    250 kicks
    250 drills
    200 breaststrke
    200 backstroke
    100 cool down
    not such a hard 2000 yards...the next workout I do must work harder. I did concentrate on form however, and felt kind of speedy in a glidish sort of way.
  8. Results of 1 week of My Speed is Horrible training.

    I went to the pool tonight with the goal to see if my times in the 25 and the 50 have improved after my first week of doing the My Speed is Horrible training along with my other workouts. Tonight I focused mostly on getting the week ending results and then I will post them under the MSIHorrible thread with my begining time for comparsion.

    500 yd Free warm-up
    4 x 25 yds swim
    4 x 25 yds kick
    4 x 25 yds sdk

    12 x 25 Free did 20sec /rest 10 = 30sec interval
    the last 3 I did easier and lest rest
    HR 120

    12 x 50 Free did 40-45 on 1min interval

    Then I saw Rodney coaching a team. They were finishing up so...
    I asked Rodney if he could time my 50 with a stopwatch.
    "Sure" he said.

    I thought about, pushing off hard,counting the stripes (seven) on the bottom,full sombersault flip turn and breathing.

    "On your mark, go."
    First lap took two breaths and focused on kick.
    Middle of second lap breathed every stroke
    Ended holding breath and strong.
    Well, no change.

    He suggested I wasn't finishing off my stroke in the end and to rock and roll more. I asked him would he time my 25.
    "Okay, walk down to the other end of the pool."
    "Are you ready?"
    I just plowed to the end and looked up.
    "15.83" he said.
    Yes!!! I finally beat 17 seconds by 1.17secs!!
    "Your a fast learner." he said
    That made my day.
    I really see how important the stopwatch is for acuracy.
  9. Really Pushed Myself...

    200 Warm up
    We did
    3 x 25 (swim,kick,swim,drill)
    3 x
    I just can't remember exactly and this drives me nuts, but I went thru this briefly with someone else who also says they don't remember exactly either however yardage sets came to

    800 yds, sets of 25's x swim, kick swim, drill
    600 yds, sets of 50's free/ choice
    500 yds, kicking free/Im
    then I pushed
    3 x 100 free fast...not sure of time, darn it
    3 x 100 I M not sure but all out,
    3 X 100 choice (started poopin out)
    3 minute intervals.
    cool down

    When will I be able to post my workouts from practice with the ease I see of other.
    It was concluded that yardage was about 3200
    Remembered to push hard off walls. I felt good about my flipturns. Sombersaulting completely onto back before rolling out and stroking without taking a breath coming out of the turn sometimes.

    Father's Day is coming up and maybe that is why I feel blah. My Dad past away last July from Alzheimers. He was the best life coach I ever had and also my biggest fan.

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  10. Lapping behind the sailboats....

    I just felt like swimming in the lake today so I drove up to the sailboat club. I am trying to figureout how long it is when I swim behind the sailboats that are lined up.

    I wonder if there is some kind of watch you can wear to tell your distance?

    I used the tailend of the boats to stay in a straight line. That forced me in one of the directions to consistantly breath on my right side for a long time in order to make use of the boats stay straight. Up went my head way too high and down to the bottom of the lake went the opposite arm. But counting on the boats to stay in line I was forced to not give in until I slowly started trusting and sweeping the arm back instead of down. When I got it right it felt so effortless.
    It seems like I can't get a day where my swim just feels great the whole time. I had a few of those a while back. Oh well...
    I swam an hour and guessing on the length of the dock...I haven't got a clue really about my distance, and I put alot of thought into how to figure this out.
    Trying to get 4 swims in this week.
    Going to do the my speed is horrible endurance push and test at the end of the week.

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  11. Found out my open water time was actually...

    1:06 and not 1:32. Closer to my goal of one hour!

    I also realized I hit my ring toe so hard on a rock that it is more purple than Tom thumbs' plum! Unbelievable.

    I was hoping my shoulder would feel better by now. I havn't been doing my rotator exercises and it shows. I must do those.

    Today I tried my best adaptation of "Help my speed is horrible start up.

    After warming up
    I timed my 25 yd and 50 yd.
    My 25 is 18sec
    My 50 is 36 sec. The same since I started this journal in Jan. pretty much.

    did 12 x 25's 18 secs in 45 intervals every single one no change. Heartrate at end of set about 138 secs.

    Various 200's- swim, kick, sdk,
    Reported my observations to Ande's thread.

    Wasn't focused on yardage today.

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  12. First open water race 3k Pinehearst NC

    The course was straight up and back to the big orange bouy 3 times.
    "Thats six laps?" I ask the person next to me.
    "Yep." They said.
    Wow, that thing is really down there and that is alot of times to go up and back. I thought to myself.

    Masses of kids piled in before us small group of meandering Masters. Then our turn to hit the water came. I felt like I was having touble staying behind the starting line (In sailbaot racing they take this very seriously) I was treading backwards when....buzzz!!! What a slow start I had as everyone flew by me.

    After about 200 yards I start to get panicky and had to tell myself to relax. You know the kind when you think the ship is really going down. "Think you are in worrries and wearing fins! " I get this way every time I start a race over 50 yds. (except the 100 IM)I just don't have the pace thing down. Well,I was sure gonna get practice now.

    After a while between constantly checking if I was going to hit someone I started thinking about my stroke.

    I found it so hard to kick because my head was always bobbing to watchout for others. I think my legs did nothing the first part of the race but drift and drag.

    Several people before the race told me to draft. Lots of luck. I could't catch a one of those legs with bubble flying off into the distance. However, toward the end of the race I got my freestlye on. That was the sweet spot of the day. All clear infront and I felt safe enough to streamline, kick, glide. Dang! My goggles fogged up so I stopped suddenly to fix them. A split second later I was surround by a litter of little ones, slipping around me. I think I must have been Mother Goose for a while! Now that was fun!

    Anyway, Knelson helped me with my seed time of one hour and I was over it just by 32 seconds. I can live with that!

    This blogging has kept me hanging in there and not be a quitter. Thanks, more than you know.

    Next week I am starting the "My speed is horrible" plan. If I can't find some one to time me I will just have to use the clock on the wall.
    Can't let excuses stop you.

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  13. OW swim off the coast of Cozumel Isle,Mexico

    The water is torquoise blue while beautiful, unusual fish swim twenty feet under me tempting a free dive down every so often. I slide and glide as I follow after their yellow and silver schools. Although the tourist season is slow due to no cruise ships as a result of the swine flu I must watchout for dive boats heading in and out to the protected coral reefs. I wave to a boat and the native driver acknowledges me and smiles back. Mostly I stay very close to the rocky shore where it is more than safe from boats. It is easy to keep my head down to watch creatures floating, soaring or asleep below me. I have a bad habit of keeping my head too high in the water. This is a great way to change that.
    The current is challenging as I swim south past my first goal, a stout white lighthouse on shore. Feeling good I scope out another destiny to reach. Just one more goal before heading home. I see a bouy in the distance and make that it. Its taking longer than expected as I go further into unknown territory . The water gets deeper and feels colder. My heart beats faster as I push onward against the current. I must do what I set out to do. The current is testing my will as well as my stamina. Stroke, kick, stroke, kick ...finally my index finger swipes the surface of the towering yellow bell shaped bouy. I then proceed to give it a good smack. My insides cheer hooray for me now lets get outta here. Heading home with the current going north I fly by the staypuff marshmellow man lighthouse with the current in my favor. The tempture is 77degrees. They say an octupus has a garden down there. I will have to look for him on my next trip to Cozumel.

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  14. When will I get faster?

    I am feeling frustrated as I am coming up on my six months review (end of June) and I am not any faster. I have joined a Masters swim group, I lift legs weights, I swim a least three times a week and always swim over 2500 yds at a clip, I have gone to a swim clinic, I blog, I read blogs, and still I feel confused about my stroke and can't seem to make any headway timewise. I see other newbies with leaps and bounds. I remain stagnet and now I am sad.

    Today's workout
    On my own after being away on vacation for 7 days I was glad to be back in the pool, but still the same ole hare here.

    100 IM warm up
    500 free warm up
    250 kick wiht fins
    250 kick
    10 x 50's on 45sec
    10 x 25's on 25secs
    (felt out of shape on these)
    Past month or so my lungs hurt when I take a deep breath.
    2 400 IMs
    450 swim
    3100 yds.

    First OW swim 3k in Pinhearst this week-end. I will do what I can...I guess.
  15. I just had to try and get into the ultraswim this morn...

    I am rushing around getting ready for Mexico and taking care of ususal duties as well, when my legs just jumped in the ole 1995 318BMW that just keeps on tickin 165,000 miles and smooth as molasses. I had to park far a way and ran to the entrance of the Aquatic Center.The ticket guy said it was almost over, I gave him the big dissapointment eyes, he gave me a discount* and in I went!* There was still a lot of great swimming going on.I watched the women and men 200 IM LCM meter heats. Amazing to watch the talent and little inuendos in strokes. I think the men in the breathstroke don't glide as much and maybe bring their legs up sooner than the woman. I saw alot of woman high forams (almost elbows)This is just my observation.In the butterfly I saw one fast swimmer actually leading with her wrist and fingers wide in the approach. Go figure...she was good though.I heard school names like University of VA and thought of our swimmers (Chris) and coaches from this board. Germantown and Peddie my old highschool rivals and I am sure their were more familiar cities and up and coming swimmers. Some from UVA qualified by the way!
    Something I didn't expect to see was a guy in a plain white bathrobe and white cap step up to the block. He tossed off the robe and whipped his arms like a race car reving its engine. I swear I heard the vvvrrmmm, but that might have been from Lowes big race week end down the road.Yes in lane four Michael Phelps dove into the 100 meter butterfly preliminary.* I happened to be way down at the turn end of the pool and from where I was I think he was third to hit the wall. Standing on the bleacher on tippy toe I was sure he didn't have the lead. Two other quys looked awful close. Then sure enough I looked at the board and he was first to touch. He must do some wildthing glide move into his finishes.
    Well, they had some suits on sale outside. I got my huband a couple to fit under his neoprene scuba gear.
    "Don't get me anything too tight." he said.
    It's just a swim suit, what is the big deal? blog/jounal. Until I catch up with you later.* I look forward to seeing how long I can OW swim in Cozumel.

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  16. Ultraswim is comin to town...

    so practice will be off until next week. They are really spiffin up the place. Paintin' the lines on the pavement out front and puttin down fresh sod. They say the tickets are sold out. I hope to go to the prelims Thurs or Fri. as I am leaving for Cozumel for a scuba trip Sat. Hope to do some OW water swimming...but should I be afraid of sharks?
    Warm up
    200 choice

    I think we did this 3 times:
    100 Free
    50 stk
    100 Free

    100 stk
    50 free
    100 skk

    kick 2 sets of
    3 times 50 on 1:10
    3 times 50 on 1:20
    3 times 50 on 1:30

    some other kicking
    and then I worked on the stroke from Karlyn's seminar. During practice I also concentrated on changing my stroke. It is shorter faster strokes and no shoulder rotation. On the first 25yds I love it. I feel powerful and in control. But shorter, faster stroke might take more endurance. Maybe that is just me. THe stroke feels good to my body but maybe because I am pensive or tense I wear out. I love the secret weapon flip turn.
    I believe that on a rested and relaxed 50, plus the bullet flip turn I may have knocked 2 seconds off my usual 50. But before I come to any conclusions I want to do this consistently. Also I worry about anything over 50 yds, but I might just be tense and hesitant that I am using correct position. This may or may not make any sense.

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  17. Karlyn Pipes-Neilsen's technique struck a bell with me...

    I am so glad I journeyed to Durham this past weekend to learn from one of the masters of Masters.
    DAMA (Durham Area Masters) invited me to join their workout Friday night before the seminar. Am I glad I did. Karlyn, in a lively colored suit was there in the pool with a group of swimmers working on relay drills the night before the actual seminar. It was the end of practice and they all looked like they were having fun. Then came the opportunity of a life time for me. She scooted into the empty lane I was in, gently took me by my shoulders and told me to lie flat in the water. She told me to pretend I was paddling a surfboard. Something about that rang so true to this beach blanket bingo baby. I imagined myself back as a teenager at the Jersey Shore paddling my boyfriend's board.
    She instructed me to paddle forward. I started to envision the waves coming at me that I had to get over. Woosh! I felt my upper body strength get into gear. I knew I had come to the right place to study swimming faster and with more ease.

    The next day was spent with a group doing drills feeling the difference between various stroke syles and learning what works. What can I say...I like her style!

    We worked on catch and release theory, and relaxed ankles instead of pointed toes.

    Now I plan on seeing if I can take what I learned and see improvement. Today in practice I was able to not fall back into my old habit...but it takes energy to learn something new. I was certainly not any does this mean I can only get faster as I get more comfortable? I am going to use the video she has. I really like this so far!

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  18. Swam hard...

    Warm up
    400 yds

    4 x 2(25 Kick, drill, swim) 35 sec.

    4 x another kick set of 75 on 1:30, 2 50's on 1:30, 1 25 on 30 sec.

    2 x 75 on 1:20
    2 x 75 on 1:30
    2 x 75 on 1:40
    2 x 75 on 1:50
    2 x 75 on 1:60 ha ha

    cool down
    appox 2600 yds.
  19. Four months and 3 meets...

    I asked Fort, "Why are my times not improving." (There is also a great thread on this) She put these questions to me.* But first she said give time its due. Its a little early in my career to think I've peaked. Well, when your 52 you worry about these things.
    Question no. 1
    How many times a week are you training now?Answer:
    I am swimming with the team MWF for 1 1/2 hours. However, I just added a Saturday morning. If I keep that up it will be swimming four times a week approx 2700-3200 yards each practice.
    Question 2
    Are you doing anaerobic work or just regular masters practices with scads of medium pace aerobic work?
    Not any regimented anaerobic until today. I* Land Excercises this morning with the group. It meets T and F mornings. We did core strenthening, balance and some jump work. I used the lat pull down bar, leg lift and leg curl machine also. In practice I would say I work a bit harder than a medium pace with occassional very hard sets.
    Question 3
    Are you working on technique?I don't know what to work on or how to apply it when at practice. However,I am looking forward to next I signed up for a swim clinic with Karlyn Pipes-Neilsen and Eric Neilsen.
    Question 4
    Have you identified technique changes you should make? I hope to do this in some part on Saturday...otherwise I have not clearly identified issues.
    Question 5
    How is your kicking?I think in the Freestyle I am pretty good. I concentrate on pointing my toes and beating my legs rapidly. My endurance is also good.I would like to have my fly and breaststroke kick analyzed.
    Question 6
    How are your starts, turns and streamlines?I learned a new way of diving in Masters and I feel pretty good about it. I find when I swim alone my turns stay strong...but when I swim with a team they get lost in the circle training.* My very first meet I had not trained much with a group and I thought turns was one of my strong points. Now I feel I am not sure where to hit the wall. I don't come in with the power I used to when I worked out alone. Because of my RC problems I haven't been pulling and don't feel I work on streamlining and reaching as a result.
    I see there is alot to work on to improve. I know only way to get the time is to do the time.

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  20. Over the Wall...

    Sunday my husband and I being newly certified (note: not certifiable) went to a nearby quarry to dive. Once again swimming showed to me it's gift. The quarry manager happened to be there and is an expert diver. While my husband needed to find his comfort level in the water and stayed close to the surface and shore I was taken on an underwater tour of the place. I swam through big pipes and sat on an underwater platform. I saw a sunken Volkswagon Beetle and then a Van. I saw purposely sunk boats and even a Rocking Horse?! That was really bizzare. It is definetly strange down there...but the most daring thing I did was after we came to the surface he asked me it I wanted to "Go over the Wall".
    Over the wall the quarry drops about 90 feet or more. I saw husband's huge yellow finns flopping in the air on the surface in the distance. I figured he was alright so I replied,
    It seem to go by very fast as we descend down, down, down. It was getting colder and colder. My hands went numb and then my calf started to cramp. We came to yet another lonely sunken fiberglass boat. I put my depth guage in its bottom. I was at sixty feet and 50 degrees. I looked into the quarry managers mask and his eyes gazed upward. That is where I was ready to go. We took our time as not to get the bends. Another first for me.

    I was late for this morning workout but I was there.
    I can't remember everything we did however
    A bunch of 100's free and 25 drills
    kick for15 minutes with free and stroke variety.
    kick 25's about 10 on 30 sec
    4 X 100 free
    25 stk
    75 free
    25 stk
    50 free
    25 stk
    rest 40 sec between each set
    Some other set.
    Cool down
    Hot tub and tomorow I promise myself to get up to go do land excercise with the team.

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