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  1. Training for a new kind of triathalon?

    A girl dolphin's dream scheme...swim, scuba and whitewater kayak! Yesterday I swam with Saturday's CSM group and today my husband and I go to the bottom of the quarry for the first time by ourselves. So, if you don't hear from me Monday after practice, that is where I am. Whitewater kayaked last weekend, got a wild ride in the M wave by accident and held my own. It was the little curl at the the top of the Wilderness Channel that trashed me and ended with water rushing up the schnozz!!

    Sat workout:

    Warm up S-300 K-200 P-200

    Swim 20 X 75 in 4 sets
    2@fast (1:01-1:05)rest to 1:10, 1EZ+10 1Sprint+20
    400 K,S D
    20 X 25 3 kick on 30, 1 swim EZ, 1 swim sprint

    200 Ez

    3200 yds approx.

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  2. Thoughts of Openwater are dancing in my head...

    I went up to Lake Norman trying to gear myself up to sail our 30 foot Catalina Capri on my own. But I still get shakey about it, so the winds have to be just right. I have two solo sails under my belt from last season...but our new slip is really tricky to get into. That is my biggest concern. I will get comfortable again as the summer progresses.
    I thought of "Chicken of the Sea" and decided to test the water. It was cold, but not terrible. No red bumps showing. I swim back and forth behind yachts of various size, shape, beauty and decrepity. I see Mast clanging and catchy names on the back of boats strung together as I take each breath. They protect me from the motor boats, although one stopped and said he thought I was a fish.
    "Dolphin" I replied.
    So I am contiplating the NC Openwater at Pinehearst. Another first for me!

    Swam this morning
    We did a lot of interval building slow to fast.
    Kicked, kicked, and more kick. Leslie inspired me today. Thanks!

    Worked on all the strokes as I like the IM.
    My Butterfly definitely needs a look at.
    So does my breaststroke.
    Maybe 2500 yds
  3. PACING...

    I notice that when I do a drill first it helps me to focus on one part of my stroke. I feel calm and centered by this and maybe it is more beneficial for muscle memory before doing intervals.
    Spoke to someone after the workout today about pacing. This is the story he relayed to me. His big goal was to do the 100 Free under a 1:00. So when he was standing on the blocks at a race he mentioned this to the swimmer next to him. The stranger said, “Follow me…”. My friend started out holding his form well and giving it all he had until his body felt totally depleted. With the dark shadow at his side and only 40 yards left to go there was nothing else to do but finish strong. This carried him home. He did it in 59.99.
    800 Warm up
    4 time 5 100’s First 400 100’s on 1:30 odds pull, even stroke
    Last 100 kick with fins.
    Wow 2800 just like that.
    Cooldown with wallside story.
  4. I opened a whole new can of butteflies yesterday....

    I swam the 100 IM in the Raleigh meet yesterday. I feel elated and overwhelmed! To me the meets are such a gift. A chance to test myself and uncover the vast amounts of challenges that await not only my body but my brain. While my body is the race car, my mind is the guys behind the scenes making the motor run and the chasy streamlined as possible on the aqua track.
    So today I went to the pool and swam by myself instead of with the team. I need to allow my body to tell the guys upstairs where the problems lie. The good new is there are alot of issue that need to be tweaked. At least the engineers see the problems now. Some can be fixed by them, but the rest of the job needs to be out sourced to coaches, reading material and this forum. Oh and lots of time in the pool.
    Turns, strokes, starts you name it. This to me means I can only get faster with time and effort. Alot of details have come to the surface for me to work on.
    I did well yesterday, but in the 50 free and 50 back I seem to have plateaued. Well, if two races can be called that. I have to find a way to slice away some seconds!

    Here is a question...I was told I was "hanging on the walls in my turns" on the IM. What do you do to prevent this elapsed time?

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  5. Any day I get up and swim with my team is a good start.

    And if I don't do weights and abs I get reminded by this forum when I journal. Ugh...okay into the weightroom I must go Friday after practice.
    We did some vertical jumps. That was fun.
    We did kick,drill, swims
    100's, 50's and 25's over and over.

    2 x 100's eight times + 05 0n 145's.
    and other stuff.

    Gotta do taxes
    Keep putting it off.

    Gotta send in sheet for Raleigh Apr 18th 19th.

    Oh, open water
    Scuba dive in Fla!
    Fri drive,
    Sat and Sun dive.
    Hope I make it to practice. Should be able to.
    I'm beat...

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  6. Overcoming my choke on the 500

    I decided to get in the pool this morning and just do it. However the LC course was set up so...

    200meter warm up

    500 meter free 7:51
    race time Sat 500 yds 7.49:57!

    4x 50 meters
    1-50sec on 1:00 interval
    2-110sec on 1:20 interval
    3-51sec on 1:15
    4 53sec on 1:15
    Learned I need more recovery time in intervals.

    400 free plus kick with flippers and w/out

    50 meter breast on a 1:50
    200 breast

    I need someone to show me the new style breast, teach me correct fly and check all my strokes. I am thinking of getting a private coach for a while. Someone who will correct my stroke very specifically.

    300 cool down
    Will swim with the team tomorrow morn.
  7. The Devil Splash at Duke

    They put me in lane 1 of the second heat of the 500 free. It was the first race of the day. Ugh...there is nothing like sloshing around and looking to your left only to see everybody lapping you. I now know the definition of physical pain, ego deflation, and shock all shutting down your lungs. I am throwing my favorite pair of goggles in the river as no matter how hard I tried to tuck my chin they blew off. As I crawled into the wall I heard Bernie my counter's concern.
    "Are you okay?"
    I wasn't.
    I told myself to relax and on the 6th lap with as much dignity as I could muster I fixed my specs. I reverted to regular turns for an eternity until one rare special moment came my way. All of us were aligned like the stars and I charged for about 20 feet with the best of them into the final flip turn. I finished a 7.49. One second under my seed time.
    My teammate was head to head for the 100 fly finish and I was so busy rooting and rubbernecking I missed the whistle of my 50 breast. It felt like slow motion as I sprinted through the timers, leaped onto the block and dove in. When I finished the race and started to get out of the pool a man in a white polo shirt was starring down at me. Dead silence. I shly asked,
    "Am I disqualified?"
    He paused.
    "Yes, but we would have put you in another heat."
    Actually I was double DQed because I had added a touch of flutter to my start. The computer guy at the table said I was about 3 secs. late on the start with a 50.01. So 47?
    I think I am a 50 backstroker as I won my heat and finished with a 41.02
    But the best was yet to come. I wanted to do the 50 free in a 34. and I did.
  8. It's getting closer....

    I got up and went to the work out I committed to however no sparks are flying here. Maybe my body is shutting down so I am just going to go with it. I am packing and planning and taking my time.
    I will rock tomorrow. I will rock tomorrow.
  9. I must go to my master work out...I must go to my

    master workout tomorrow or I just won't feel right for the meet Saturday at Duke. I want to be lazy and say "part of your taper plan, baby. Take a vacation!"
    But you see, it is the strength I gain from numbers, the other swimmers that will carry me through the 500 free, the 50 free and the 50 breast. I know it will provide the confidence I need. I've written it down and now there is no backing off. I know I don't have to work too hard. Few sprints, turns, focus on stroke and plans. Talk to the coach and say goodbye until Monday. Well, this is it. Here I go! Why is my heart in my throat already?
    P.S. I am really not a girly girl but I painted my toenails peach so I would remember to keep my head down and dive for the peaches in the basket.

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  10. Peach Basket Dive

    Today I worked on my dive. Trying something new. I had learned the flat dive as a kid and have been getting red thighs and goggles coming off. So Bernie and the coach showed me the track start then dive through the peach basket. Head needs to be way down with left foot forward. It is hard to trust new things, but man it felt like hitting the sweet spot when I met the water. A nice glide without much effort under water. Seem impossible that this could be faster, but once I hit the water there was a natural force pulling me forward. Kinda like the twilight zone dodo dodo.....
    Let see
    4 x

    4 minutes each
    and then my shoulder said "stop"
    With Flippers I did
    Katy's drill
    underwater hypoxic?
    dolphin kicks

    50's swim, kick, free

    75 free did some 1:02's 10sec rest
    25 kick
    50 swim rest 10 sec
    45 rest in bween sets

    Divin' for peaches!!!

    cool down
    weight machine
    abs leg lifts and curls 50lbs 5 x 10 reps
  11. Still in love...

    It has been 6 weeks since I have started journaling my swimming experience with the master swimmers.
    This is a reflection back on what I have learned, acheived and need to work on.
    Reading back I see I wanted to break my "make a mile and get out of the pool" mentality. I don't know how it happened but that is just not a part of my vocabulary anymore! I use different terms and jargons. Not very well albeit, but the swim dictionary is now my oyster.
    I get up at 5:30 in the morning because I want to get out of bed, go to the water and feel alive.
    I swim along with other beings all just as crazy about plowing the pool as I am.
    There is a coach who looks me in the eye and explains things to me as dumb as I feel some times.
    I swim somewhere between 25-3000 yds a workout. I am not quite sure how to put the workouts in writing but I can say today I know what is going on when it the water.
    When I was a shy little teen I was terrified of meets. I am swelling with tears right now because I don't want to run and hide anymore. I want to show up on the block.
    I am learning to tell myself I can instead of I can't. Something about this master swimming has made me believe in myself.
    I ve learned saying positive things to myself works.
    My shoulders are killing me but I want to stay tough.
    I went to 3 workouts this week. Nothing could stop me. I even do core and weight machines.
    I could go on and on, but I will leave that up to my next six week review and see how I am doing.
  12. March 13th...Friday the 13! Yeow!

    Just my luck our workout started at 5:30!(I wish).
    I did it. Got there and pushed my self to keep up with the guy in the other lane or maybe he was just being kind and pacing me. He'd beat me anyway at the 10yds or with a powerful turn. I will use anything that will help me to march onward.
    I have to learn exactly where to approach the wall for my turn when swimming in a circle. Straight in front of me and then angle over or head to the middle then turn or if there is room cut far left and turn in my new lane. There must be a best way so one gets the best technique practice possible for the flip turn yet no painful and at best embarassing collision.
    W did a of 900 75's and 25stroke (100's) on 2:00 min interval. I think I kept it under 1:45 with 15 rest. Definitely under 1:50.
    alot of 75 swim 25 kick
    I just don't remember it all. Does that come with time?
    Of course my in the water RC excercise with flippers and snorkel. I actually enjoy these.
    I mailed in my entry fee for Devil Splash.

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  13. When the going gets tough the tough....

    go sleep on the sailboat! There is nothing like a pink sunset and a pale moon...ale to recolor your world.
    I awoke this morn before the possums cross the road and headed back to town for the master workout. Got there at 6:00 and did

    300 RC excercises oh great news!!! I only have to do therapy for my shoulder and the Doc said swim away!!
    My new motto. Pain is never having to say your sorry.
    300 wu
    The coach writes the work out on the board and I am just trying to read it however
    I know we did a bunch of swim, stroke
    swim, drill. 100's 50's 25's
    about 1000 yds of these kicks
    25 free, 25 stk, 25 left side 25 right side
    2 sets of
    2 x 100 on 1:50
    2 x 50 on :55
    2 x 25 on 30 Mon I did a 25 on 16 secs and 2 on 17 secs, but today I wasn't as strong.
    300 latic release
    so around 2900
    Weight machines
    core 50lbs 20reps x 4
    leg lifts 50 x 15 x 4
    leg curls 35 x 10 x 4

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  14. I don't feel like journaling, but it is important...

    My blogging here is a bit of a life line out of my own own head to others. It makes me feel connected and devoted to the water while I am on dry land. It reminds me who I am...part fish part human.
    This morning I am going to the orthopedist and I am dreading it. He is going to move my fins around and ask all sorts of questions. UGH! I don't want to talk about.

    Oh yes, I had a good workout yesterday morning with the masters and will plow through this lull in human lowness till tomorrow's swim.

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  15. Did My Best Intervals Ever!

    Made it too the pool after all and had powerful swim on my own.

    400 Warm Up
    200 RC excersises
    300 Katie's FSBS drill with fin's
    100 preparing and thinking about intervals

    5 x 100 on a 1:30 + :15 rest = 1:45

    10 X 50 on a :55 including 10 rest!

    (Got the above intervals from CoachNate workouts and really good times for me)

    300 dolphin kick w fins

    100 punch drill but my shoulder didn't like so
    breast stroked working on time kick with stroke

    300 cool down to get rid of lactic acid

    Total 2400

    Excercise machine
    40lbs X 20reps X 4 Abs
    40lbs X 10rep X 4 Leg lifts
    40lbs X 10rep X 4 Leg curls

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  16. Looong course pool today....

    After my work out today saw the largest Robin redbreast hanging around the swivel doors. Must workout here.

    Temp is 50 degrees so the Whitewater Center is open. Disneyland for Kyakers!

    Okay here's my workout.

    300 meters warmup
    300 meter RC excercise...used snorkel and flippers to assist.

    200 free focusing on keeping my right arms at my thigh instead of crossing over body.

    400 fin kick front, side, back, side
    courtesy of Katie (Butler College)

    200 breast trying Mark Gangloff''s(Q and A in US Master Swimmer magazine) start
    kick at begining of pulldown.

    Meant to try a difficult equation workout of Vlogs but forgot paper so,
    4 X 100 meters on 2:14. 1:38-1:45

    Cool down thinking about placement during
    breast stroke and free.

    Weight machines
    Core 35lbs X 4 sets of 20 rep
    Leg lifts 35lbs X 5 set 10 reps
    Leg curl 35lbs X 5 set of 10 rep
    Started to try arm puch but hurt shoulder...imediately stoped

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  17. I don't think or want to ever lose that urgent...

    desire to swim as fast as I can, however there comes the enevitable day when you are forced to take a look at your stroke technique. Whether it be injury, or your not getting any faster in the world's time even though it feels like you are in water, or your just plan tired at the moment. When all three of these collide at the same time something wonderful can happen.
    As I was warming up I was thinking about how I hadn't done anything to stretch out my poor wounded rotator cuff. What was I gonna do...I hate being flat on my stomach on the hard floor making tiny little repetitive movements. Suddenly it came to me. Hey, I am on my stomach in the water. Why not kick with my flippers gently and do the excercises in the water while I am swimming.
    Well, that's what I did. Raising my arms ever so slightly in the positions required on land.
    I was able to do a fair amount, not get bored, and get some yardage in. This slowed me down so I could think about what some one said to me. Maybe I was pulling my arm arcross the horizontal line of my body. Yes in fact, I had been doing that. So after,
    800 yard easy various strokes
    300 dolphin kick with fins underwater
    600 of experimenting with RC excercises
    I did
    10 X 25's on 30 sec.
    I had never done 25 sets before. This allowed me to stop focusing on getting through my flip turn and fighting my way back the second lap as 50's sets do. I then turn my focus to pulling my arm straight. I am not sure if my stroke is right but my arm didn't get that sharp pain. Unfortunately this threw my body rotation to being flat. All this time I was using my arm to pull and rotate my body sidways. It was doing the work. I now have to find a better way to roll my body for streamlining. Another thing to explore.

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  18. On a more statistical and personal reflection of Sat. meet

    I swam the 1000. When I dove in my goggles filled with water! It was awful. My time was 16:29.00. I was sure I could do under 15:00 but I was wrong. Bernie from my club helped me to break down my 100's for future training.

    I swam the 50 and put the goggles under my cap. They fell off and dragged on me the whole way. MY time was 36.02 which beat my last time by about 00.30 and my goal is to get under 34.00. for now and then see if that is the best this body can do or not.

    I was asked to join in a relay with DAMA! That was the first relay I have done in say 35years when I was 17! I said I could only do free or breast as my arm does not want to do a backward motion and I think the fly is hard on my arm also. I need to get praticing on these strokes and technique.

    I don't like to not show up but I scratched the IM as my shoulder told me to do so.

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  19. The Adventures of a Newbie...

    I wanted to be prepared, so I left the night before. I was going to be in the very first race, my very first 1000 free at 8:45 AM Sat. I was going to stange town in the middle of nowhere, Greensboro North Carolina. I was coming from a town in the middle of nowhere, Charlotte. The forcast was gloomy and it was. My destination was a high school. Once I had found the pool I knew I would be okay. I walked up to two young girls with pony tails and running clothes. The one with braces pointed and said, "It's up there." Why don't teen age girls say much? I followed them to a brick building with a big heavy door. "Good evening", said Lurch except with a southern accent and a plaid button down shirt. Probably a teacher on security duty. I could smell the bleach and saw the steam rising through yet another door. I sucked in that vapor that is like an addiction. You want it so much and at the same time you know one taste and the results could be exulting or the death of you.
    Fast forward past the want the hotel but could only afford the motel.
    After much prayer, plans and too much chocolate from the 75% off Valentine heart I got at Rite Aid. I get to sleep.
    I am the first to arrive at the pool greeted by a sleepy Lurch. I haven't been in the pool for four days and the water feels so inviting in warmup. I thought about what Onefish said. Did a good warm up, practiced my flip turns to be ready to hit off the wall fast and hard.
    My own ideas are all rushing into my head as I am so unprepared with any knowlege of my speed. Hmmm, if I count, how many one Missisippis does it take for me to get 50yds against the clock. Um, I think it is 30 of my Mississippis to 40 seconds on the clock. How close can I get to the wall for my turns. I approach the guy in a white polo shirt and something around his neck. I shyly ask when can I dive? He is kind.
    Fast forward to my big race.
    I instinctually tunnel vision down the lane as I step up. Take your mark. Kind of a Wwwonngbzzz echoes in my ear. I push off, point toes, hit the water and my goggles fill up with water. I can't see for sht..!!! Jimby, I feel like the Red Baron is going to get me this time for sure!
    How could I dare waste time fixing them. I blindly go as the stinging pain increases. I barely see some white square floating in and out of the water at one end. It is like a nightmare that never ends. Uh ohhhh I touch outside the pad... oh no I might be diqualified? I will pull and I will kick to the death. Finally, the dream ends and I finish. I finish....yes, I did it against all odds!! I could go on and on about the whole wonderful day and wonderful people I met or got to know better. What commeraderie. I'm in love with Masterswimming. I hope its the kind that last forever.
  20. I dont feel ready for my meet tomorrow....

    I feel like I was slacker this week because of my shoulders. I don't understand how I could possibly taper when I haven't swam long enough at higher yardage yet. So I opted to rest my shoulders and did very little excercise or swimming this week. I feel fat and lazy and mad at myself for not "training" with my new team this week, but I have spent 20 years whitewater kyaking (playboating, surfing) putting wear and tear on shoulders. My gung ho return to childhood love of swimming this new year brought to the surface bad shoulder pain.
    So here I go diving in tomorrow to my first ever 1000 free. I don't even know if I am a distance or a sprinter. If I survive the 1000 free I will do the 50free 100IM.
    Woe is mmeeee.......
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