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  1. I can not tell a lie...however

    I couldn't resist going to the team workout this morning. I did rest my shoulders over the week-end and they felt better. At practice I mostly swam with flippers like a dolphin surging under water. I worked on some of the ideas I got from Leslie's video on dolphin kick. Pure joy. I worked on holding my breath as long as I could. I kicked and kicked until my lungs were totally exspelled.
    Did about 2700 yards. I followed the workout, just didn't use arms much.
    Then went to the weight room and did mucho crunches. Gotta get that core strong.
    I continue RC excercise recommend by you guys and gals.
    Don't know if I will go to practice Wed. Maybe I should rest for my big meet!!! What would you do?
  2. Rotator cuff areas of both my shoulders are very sore...

    I have a meet next Sat and don't know how much to practice. Monday I plan on making an appt. with an orthepedist and get a PT program going...but until then... What should I do about workouts? Should I go or rest? Please help rescue Flipper as she feels the presence of danger!!!

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  3. I am really doing this...5:30 headed uptown to workout.

    I was weary about my sore shoulders. The coach said not to do pull. I wanted to get there early so I could get a good warm-up.
    500 warm-up
    swim 4 X 200 1+3 25 free 25str, 2 + 4 choice 4:min
    kick 4 X 100 2:45
    Swim 4 X 50 1+3 str, 2 + 4 free 65sec
    4 X 25 choice 60sec KICK
    more KICKING-12 x 50 4 free 70sec
    4str 80 sec
    4 choice 90 sec
    I kicked with the group! I hung in there! It feels good!
    200 cool down
    2600 yds?
  4. My first time getting up at the crack of dawn....

    Had a terrrible dream that I couldn't get to the to the wrong lost in a crazy mish mosh building with stairways and elevators full of people from my past...then bingo I popped up right at 6, the time I had planned. Still got there late and took my glasses with me so I could read the sheet. Whatddaya know I stepped on them going to get the kickboard. Oh well I needed a new pair anyway. Everybody like busy bees doing their routines and a quick chat with the coach.
    Pull 400 (75 free (5 breath) 25 stroke
    Kick 4 X 100
    Pull 300 (75 free (5th) 25 stroke
    Kick 4X75
    Pull 200 choice
    Kick 4 X 50
    Pull 25 stk 25 free (100)?
    Kick 4 X 25
    Interval timing on all with rest
    Checked the times on some of my strokes
    Back 50 48 sec
    IM 100 1:45
    Breast 50 not so good I can do better. I am wishy washy on my stroke. Old style ? new style...not clear what to do.
    I think I can do better than this under pressure plus as a dive. Getting ready for my Feb 28 event. I am going to do 1000 free, 50 free, 100 IM!

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  5. Talk about waterlogged...

    I can't believe I passed the written test of my crash course scuba class! Spent the week-end sitting indian style on the bottom of a cold pool starring at a bunch of people looking like Monty Python soldiers waiting for their next "Knights of Neets" mission.
    The open water dive is the same week -end as my meet Feb 28. I will dive in April as my meet is more important to me.
    Got up a 600 this morning and caught the last part of the Charlotte Masters swimmers working out. I approached the coach and asked if I could join them Wed or Fri. and he said, sure.
    I warmed up
    Tried my 1000 yard event. It is what it is. I really need to improve my stroke
    Want to know my times on backstroke.
    Did a bunch of 50 breast. Might do this in the meet as well as 50 free.
    100 I M
    100 side kicks
    300 kicks with fins.
    cool down
  6. My husband signed us up for crash course in scuba diving!

    So for Friday, Sat and Sunday I am not really out of the pool, just under the pool. Another wonderful way to stay close to my dophin roots, so whose complaining?

    I seemed to have strained my hamstring, very annoying. Any suggestions? What is the best way to incorporate a stretching routine into my workout. I don't have a ritual and I know it is really important...especially rotator cuff stretches. I remember reading an article about the 41 year Olympic winner and she actually hires people to stretch her! She stretches hours a day and especially before a race.
    Can't wait to hear how everyone does at their meets this week-end.

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  7. The MAC was closed for college meet so they send us to th Y.

    They have a sauna and steam room so no problemo.!!
    Got in the water to warm up and there was only one lane for swimming laps. As I rounded 500 yds it occured to me that I want to do the 1000 at my meet Feb23. So I picked up the pace and kept going. I clocked my last 2 50s at a 45 on each. I will at least finish! This was a good idea for me as I started slow and finished hard. I usually go into that long stuff going way to fast, konking outing at the end.
    Used their flippers to kick. I have a shortened pair. I felt myself straining my hamstring with their long ones so I stopped. I thought it through and remembered limpin' around all day in the past. Feeling smug for engaging my brain twice during this work out.
    250 kick (only)
    250 pull
    250 back
    250 breast
    3 50s on 1:00
    50 side drill
    200 cool down
  8. I literally "kicked" my one mile habit today....

    Thanks to this forums help I was encouraged to increase my yardage to 2300. Feeling good.
    400 free
    300 back
    300 breast
    100 IM
    500 flipper kick (this is my extra yardage over mile)
    10 x 50 Free on 1:00 I may be doing this wrong cause I definitely sprint a steady 40 sec on each 50 , rest only 20 seconds. Is this how to do interval training?
    200 cool down
    2300 yards

    Updated February 11th, 2009 at 07:57 AM by flippergirl

  9. I just went to my second Masters Swim meet....

    I did okay and want to improve my times and distance. I already tried the kill myself during workout and got the sore shoulder and other pulled mucsles. I am now doing a steady 3 times a week 1725 yds of 600 free warm up 300 back 300 breast 500 intervals of 50 on 1 min and a fool around cool down. What should I add to this? I have good endurance and good technique. I am in the 50-54 category. I want to do better! I am a water person since I was on a race team at four.
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