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Calvin S

  1. Saturday 4/25/2020

    PM SCY w/ Srdan @ “Undisclosed Location” “Lactic Hold”

    400 swim every 4th 25 head-up scull
    300 pull w/ SP + SNKL
    200 kick every 3rd 25 BR w/ BD
    100 I.M. drill

    4x50 @ :35 PINK
    8x25 V.S.
    4 @ :40 FR kick w/ BD
    4 @ :30 FR swim
    100 EZ

    6x25 @ 1:00 12.5 BLUE/12.5 EZ w/ chute (full closed)
    100 @ 2:00 push PURPLE (53.8, 53.0, 55.1)
    3x100 @ 1:15 “Lactic Hold” w/ 4/6/2 turns
    1:15 REST

    150 EZ
    25 EZ
    25 FAST assisted w/ band
    25 EZ
    25 FAST assisted w/ band
    100 EZ

    Total: 3500

    SHOUT OUT: Srdan had a great set as well. He only did two rounds (I think he hit that wall on RD2), but was a super speedy 52.5 on the first push 100. Looked over and realized he was making me look like I was standing still! The weather was great with a stiff breeze blowing across the pool to help cool me off. I was quite hot by the time I started RD3. Definitely glad I did a third round so I could find that wall and run head first into it!
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