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Calvin S

  1. Saturday 8/1/2020

    PM LCM w/ Srdan, Felippi (his son), Trip, Noel, Larry, Dr. J and Frank (w/ Doug as Chief Split-Getter and General Clark as cheer squad) "An ugly, painful Lactaturday"

    Air Temp: 85
    Pool Temp: 80*
    *Great conditions today, but they didn't improve our speed :/

    400 swim every 4th 25 head-ups cull
    4x100 @ 2:00 25 dog-paddle/50 swim w/ 6-beat kick/25 BUF
    2x25 @ :10 rest 12.5 FAST/12.5 EZ

    6x @ ~ 5:00
    50 DIVE PURPLE (27.0, 28.5*, 28.1, 29.1, 29.9, 28.2)
    50 EZ
    *Slipped off the start on #2

    100 FLOAT

    Total: 1550

    Srdan and I suited up for this, him in his "Croatian National Team" leg suit, and me in my full body B70 Neuro Comp. This was the ugliest dive/lactate set I have done all year. It was hard to feel fast. As I pointed out during the set, when things started to unravel: there is nothing like a sprint set like this to show you how broken down you are.

    SHOUT OUT: Trip, who did 6x200 instead (maybe that would have been the wiser option?), 2 @ 4:00, 1 @ 5:00, 2 @ 6:00, and went 2:36, 2:36, 2:35, 2:34, 2:33, 2:31. Very impressive times. Srdan had the fastest 50 of the group with a speedy 26.8. Noel was the most consistent, with a 27.4 on #1, and then only having one other 50 above 29.0. Doug (FL) was a speedy 32.4 (32.1 on Srdan's watch) at the end of the set (he only did one 50, again, to show us that "it's just not that hard").

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