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  1. Calvin S's Avatar
    If you fell apart, then you did it right. Doing 6x50 @ 3:00 off the blocks with my boy Srdan on Saturday, full body suited.
  2. __steve__'s Avatar
    We both scared the crap out of each other at same time. I was watching the fish near a power plant cooling water outlet. I think the shark was doing the same until I was in view
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  3. Sojerz's Avatar
    Yikes - that's a shark
  4. __steve__'s Avatar
    We just rented a kayak. But She took off in the kayak while I was still putting my cap and spot buoy on. She says catch me if you can! lol
  5. Sojerz's Avatar
    Maybe find someone with a light and scuba gear. Free diving to 40' won't leave you much time to search too. You should paint an x on the side of your kayak to mark the spot.
  6. __steve__'s Avatar
    Naval Weapons station.
    Friday was last day of season leaving me with one pool in 20 mile radius to rely on -Danny jones pool
  7. tripswim's Avatar
    where is your 24 meter pool?
  8. __steve__'s Avatar
    Plan to go there again later this month. Water is clear too, compared anywhere else in SC. My favorite part about it however is not worrying about alligators or parasites. Been followed by a gator once in tail race canal
  9. Sojerz's Avatar
    My parents retired to house on lake keowee in Seneca just above jocassee. Did a lot of swimming and boating, skiing etc. on keeowe for about 10 or 15 years in the mid 80s and 90s. Great lakes for recreation - enjoyed hanging around Clemson too.
  10. __steve__'s Avatar
    Thank you Kenny,

    I never lost much general conditioning. Maintained performing lactate production sets on the crossfit type of bikes (assault, rouge). Even though my pool time was spotty, sometimes over a month, when I did go I would typically do 200 IM kicks. This meet is experimental proof for importance of kicking (at least for me).

    Another odd result I found, is from all 8 free turns I accomplished at the meet, every single one was good. It was a hit and miss before.

    Good luck reaching your sub-minute 100fr. That is a good goal!
  11. Kenny100's Avatar
    I'd say those times are really good, especially for the amount of swimming you've been able to accomplish. I'm still working on getting my 100 yd freestyle close to 1 minute!
  12. __steve__'s Avatar
    Been doing 3 different types on the mill, not sure which (or if all) are responsible but I am definitely experiencing marked progression with these workouts, as well as in the pool kicking workouts. Aerobic system is being worked too since Im seeing a 110-130 bpm recovery during the rest intervals and Im pushing to 180 during the work.
  13. flystorms's Avatar
    Wine yoga! Love it!
  14. pwb's Avatar
    I like your walk/run approach on the treadmill. I adopted that approach when I started to incorporate 2-3 runs per week as an aerobic-building and weight-control part of my training. It's really helped me, along with slow incremental volume, to gradually increase distance and speed without hurting my aging knees.
  15. __steve__'s Avatar
    It is solo yogo that works balancing systems a little more, maybe
  16. pwb's Avatar
    What, pray tell, is "wine yoga?" Is that where every time someone says "namaste" or "om," you have to chug?
  17. __steve__'s Avatar
    They are fun at times.
  18. JPEnge's Avatar
    Nice box jump there! Love me some leaping.
  19. __steve__'s Avatar
    I believe those might actually be helping with kicking
  20. flystorms's Avatar
    Haven't done dreadmill intervals in a long time. They're fun, but this one looks ike a butt kicker.
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